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  1. List items are selected after itemtap code has runed

    List items are selected after itemtap code has runed, example:
    Ext.create('Ext.List', {
    fullscreen: true,
    itemTpl: '{title}',
    data: [
    { title: 'Item 1' },
    { title:...
  2. How can I highlight a list item before the listener code runs?

    When I tap a list item It is highlighted after itemtap listener code has been runed.
    I have tried putting pressedDelay:0 in list but the problem is when I scroll the item are highlighting all the...
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    DataView performance

    I have a dataview, in my app, when I'm working during a long time the app runs slowly. If I change this dataview with a similar listview the problem dissapears. What can I do?

    This is my dataView:...
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    Case 1 formpanel with scrollPosition, (tab key...

    Case 1 formpanel with scrollPosition, (tab key navigation runs ok but do layout later):

    Case2 formPanel without scrollPosition, (do layout faster but...
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    form.panel scrollable issues

    Scrolling Issues in latest Google Chrome

    When I create a formPanel without setting scrollable property I can see how the panel appears and some millis later the content(textfield,...
  7. A real mystery using loadmas, I need understand it

    I need to show a loadmask before a while that is running for 10 seconds, I cant use asynchronous functions like setTimeout or setInterval. Example:

    //Show loading
  8. trying to use Siesta testing tool from android

    I have developed a test with siesta (touch). I Haven't had any problem testing in iOs or in PC Chrome, But I have 2 problems if I want to use it in Android.
    1- If I load the test page with...
  9. I have the same problem than QMG, I can see the...

    I have the same problem than QMG, I can see the pdf page duplicated and the text very big!
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