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    1. If you are running as a native application all of your HTML, JS, CSS, etc files are inside of your binary. If you are running out of a web browser you don't need any of the native building stuff....
  2. Plugin

    There is a plugin in combination with some code you can use to accomplish this.

  3. WIndows - for Android

    Windows - for Android

    The following describes how to configure a Sencha dev environment on Windows targeting Android.

    Overview of Tools

    Java Development Kit
    Sencha Command
  4. Showcase Bolletta: Rambler Reader, Blue Bamboo, Signature Pad, Point of Sale

    The Bolleta Project was to create native Android and iOS applications to be run on both phones and tablets, in order to take and print credit card transactions using either the Rambler Reader or the...
  5. Example: Customizing the Native Load Screens and Getting Rid of Blinking

    Note that on iOS the order is

    load screen (Sencha icon on the white background)
    blue blinking dots
    app's first screen
    On Android the order is

    blue blinking dots
    app's first screen...
  6. Here is how

    Note that on iOS the order is

    load scraeen (Sencha icon on the white background)
    blue blinking dots
    app's first screen
    On Android the order is

    blue blinking dots
    app's first screen...
  7. Example: Configuring a Sencha Dev Environment on Windows and OS X (iOS, Android)

    OS X - for iOS and Android

    The following explains the details for configuring a development or continuous integration environment that is capable of building Android and iOS applications, using...
  8. Here is how

    TestFlight will only accept IPA files with Ad Hoc or Enterprise certificates.

    I published this article this morning on how to build iOS apps that were generated from Sencha Command at the...
  9. Building and Signing iOS apps built by Sencha and/or Cordova at the command-line

    The following is a walk-through of how to package native iOS applications at the command-line for the purposes of controlling this process through a continuous integration server. This is what I used...
  10. Answers

    The Sencha Command build process for Android gives you an APK:

    If you do a production build you get an APK signed with the key you specified - This is what you submit to the store, such as Google...
  11. 18 Steps

    We use an 18 step process for reliably producing an APK and IPA, that is repeatable with all of our Sencha Touch applications.

    It is important to understand that Sencha Command is not a tool all...
  12. Project Costa Rica: Sencha Touch for iOS and Android on an EC2 based infrastructure

    The Costa Rica project was a marketing event native mobile application to be run on Android and iOS devices, for the purposes of providing event information, photo sharing, and reward based...
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    It depends

    A number of things can cause this, including:
    cordova.js declared multiple times in app.json
    Larger apps tend to not startup a large percentage of the time on Android
    Put firebug in the...
  14. Yes

    Sencha Command 4.0.1.X
    Cordova 3.0.0
    Android (doesnt matter)
    Java 7
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    I am curious to know what Sencha plans to do as well.

    I tried the Phonegap cloud build, and while it was nice it couldn't handle custom plugins which is why I had to dump it.

    I ended up...
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    Continuous Integration

    What you are asking for is Continuous Integration.

    This is how I currently build and deploy all of my Sencha Touch/Ext JS (and other) applications.

    My preferred CI Server is Jenkins.
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    Missing a few things

    JAVA_HOME must be set to a Java Development Kit (JDK), while you have it set to a Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

    Ant is also not installed, you can get it from Also make...
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    Sencha Command is more than one tool

    Use --debug to see debug output from Sencha Command.


    It is important to understand that Sencha Command is not...
  19. Yes

    1. There is a lot of complexity in how things are happening behind the scenes. I expect things to work the way they do, and then workaround them to fit my needs.

    2. in cordova/platforms/android,...
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    I use this

    window.location.href = 'tel:15556667777';
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    Need more information

    Run with the --debug flag to get more information.
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    Common issue

    You are going to need to provide more information as to what you are doing and what you are using.

    sencha app build native?
    Cordova or PhoneGap?
    How are you signing the APK?
    Did you turn...
  23. I don't keep anything

    I don't keep any of the cordova generated files. The primary reasons having to do with the problems you start to encounter when dealing with changing plugins, icon assets, and some other common...
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    You don't have Cordova installed

    Install NPM and then use it to install Cordova.

    It is important to understand that Sencha Command is not a tool all...
  25. Two options

    Option 1: Save all of the generated configuration in SCM and then fight to deal with all of the temporary files and having to update things like plugins.

    Option 2: Script the building and...
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