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    Change Grid Background Color...

    Hi, i am using Sencha extjs 4.2.1. and i just want to change a selected row's background color when i press a button(that's to diferenciate from other records temporarily). So when i googled i 'd ...
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    This apply for a login and a another view?

    Hi... i was asking me if card layout would be useful if i have a login panel, and when login is ok, i want to show my main panel with my menu and other options. Card Layout would help me?

  3. Thank you for your time slemmon, I am using...

    Thank you for your time slemmon, I am using rowediting, so i have a rowediting plugin. The goal is to update in the grid(at screen) and in the database(with my store) the data depending of the...
  4. Manage combobox into a grid column from a controller using mvc

    Hi, I am new using extjs. I have a grid with some combobox columns. My goal is to update some of the other columns depending the value of the selected combo. All this using MVC pattern. By the way I...
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