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    Awesome. Thanks for the pointer. The problem was...

    Awesome. Thanks for the pointer. The problem was that I was specifying a 'context' of '0' which was being sent back at the front of the response as you pointed out. When I removed that extraParam,...
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    Hi again, I hadn't seen a reply on this and...

    Hi again,

    I hadn't seen a reply on this and thought it might be because my post was not clear enough. I updated it to include more detail. If anyone has an idea I'd really appreciate it.

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    How to debug loading of store


    I've gotten stuck on loading a store and am wondering how to debug the problem. If someone can see my mistake I'd be most grateful.

    My app is trying to load a list from Google's RSS feed...
  4. Thanks for your reply. My var is misleadingly...

    Thanks for your reply. My var is misleadingly named. It's actually a panel rather than a toolbar. The SetTitle advice did the trick. Should have looked through the API ref again. Each time I do I...
  5. How to trigger update of header from tabPanel

    I have an app which consists of a main panel that includes mainToolbar and tpMain as its items. tpMain is a tabpanel. When a new card is displayed for tpMain, I'd like to simply update the title...
  6. Error implementing Google CSE within app

    Having trouble getting my head around this one.

    I have the following code in a tab panel that executes a Google Custom Search with no problems when I run it from a localhost domain on my...
  7. Displaying YouTube video in Android via PhoneGap

    I'm not sure this is a SenchaTouch issue but some people here may have had the same experience.

    My app is targeted for Android and iPhone via PhoneGap. I have an iframe in a tabpanel for playing a...
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