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  1. Current Sencha Complete customers: we will be sending you your activation code within the next 10 days, so you can access the JetBrains IDE Plugin. Until then, you can use the trial version.
  2. What does your xslt look like? Can you use the xml reader and specify a root and record configs to map to where your records are? You may have to also do some extra processing once you get the record...
  3. The reason for this is the ungrouped CSS class isn't added to the list. For ungrouped lists, if you add the following config this will all work again:

    cls : 'x-list-ungrouped'

  4. Sounds like you want Ext JS 6!
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    Sure it does and the link is in the same spot as it has been since the new site design launch a while ago:
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    this may be of interest!
  7. On behalf of Sencha, we’re proud to announce an Early Access release of Sencha Inspector. With Sencha Inspector, you get a powerful debugging tool with direct access to components, classes, objects,...
  8. We are excited to announce the general availability of Sencha Web Application Manager v6.0 (previously Sencha Space). This latest release makes it easier than ever to deploy and manage your...
  9. On behalf of Sencha and the entire Ext JS team, I’m proud to announce the general availability of Sencha Ext JS 6. This release is a huge step forward to support universal applications targeting...
  10. Two ways to fix this that I can think of off the top of my head.

    User an iframe instead however you will lose some interactions like scrolling.
    Set a base tag in your app
  11. The hardware back button will only change the url. In the case of a single page app, it will change the hash. All your app has to do is react to the hash change and of course update the hash as the...
  12. Other than checking for errors, have you attempted to set a breakpoint and follow your code to debug?
  13. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  14. This is correct. We detect if you are within a Cordova/PhoneGap app and then add a deviceready listener. The application's launch method (and therefore the controllers' launch methods) will not...
  15. Promises in 6 are in the core so will be available in both toolkits. Just checked the source and it's no longer marked as private.
  16. There is no native promise in all browsers Ext JS supports, there for there is zero way Ext.Ajax.request can return a native promise, it's Ext.Promise. Sure it can be polyfilled which is what Ext JS...
  17. Ext.Ajax.request doesn't return a callback, it has always returned an object, now it returns a promise with the same data the old object has.

    Not all browsers that Ext JS supports support native...
  18. Doing a quick google search, I can see lots of people complaining about TypeKit being blocked as it's very popular to use.
  19. You may want to explore updating to Touch 2.4.2 that was released with these bug fixes in place.
  20. @BenS123 Can we know what OS and version of Firefox/Opera you are using? I've tried Fx 38 on OSX 10.10 and Windows 8.1 and it appears for me. Many times a plugin or proxy/firewall can interfere also.
  21. Yup:

  22. Ext JS' core is usually larger than is wanted in a simple web site. Having Ext.grid.Panel requires many other classes that may be quite a lot to host on a site but that is up to you. You can use Cmd...
  23. Please don't open support tickets and threads. This can cause duplicate work.
  24. That method was added about 2 weeks ago and is used in our test suites.
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    Yes and no, if you use border : '10 5 3 10' it's the same as specifying border-top : 10px; border-right : 5px; border-bottom : 3px; border-left : 10px; so they are different styles. Regardless, the...
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