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  1. The problem has been fixed with the new sw release (v 1.1.2).

  2. I sent you a private mail from another mail address but you didn't answer.
    So I attach you the project file here. Thank you for the help.

    "name": "project.xds",
  3. {
    "name": "project.xds",
    "projectId": "A690D4BE-94C0-4DD7-8508-D06625A013BB",
    "settings": {
    "urlPrefix": "",
    "directAPI": "",
    "spacesToIndent": "4",...
  4. Hello,
    I need help with Ext designer. The tool seems to have a problem. I created my project from scratch and saved it.
    When I open it again it says that there is a script error and the tool asks...
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