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  1. Thank you for the answer, it worked. Now I have another question. I want the button to be able to remove all formating from the selected text( like bold and italic buttons work). Any ideas?
  2. Is it possible to add my mini button to the HtmlEditor's toolbar ?
  3. I did it that way: = newData

    And then refresh the paging toolbar with doRefresh().
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    When I drag and drop nodes in a tree, if a parent node has no more children how can i make it a child node(i want the icon to be changed and looks like the other children) ?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. I am with IE8 and i get an error ('style' is null or not an object) when I try to expand/collapse the south eastern panel.
  6. Have you found any solution? I have the same problem : it throws the same error when i collapse the east panel of a viewport.

    And where can I download 4.0.4.
  7. In the east panel i have 2 panels: one of them has a grid panel and the other one - html editor. I check the configs of both and nothing is missing. But I don't think the problem is in the children...
  8. Thanks for the reply. Actually the error is not shown on every collapse/expand... just randomly. I really don't have idea what could cause this..
  9. Yes I did. The panel expands and everything seems to work in Chrome and Firefox, but it gives these errors. In IE there is a real problem: I can't collapse the panel and it breaks.
  10. I have a Viewport with 3 regions. The east region is a panel (I have set the propetry collapsed: true). When i try to expand(and sometimes to collapse) the panel, it expands but I get the following...
  11. Is there a way to create a contextMenu (like htmlEditor's) for a paging toolbar?
  12. I have a viewport and when I create a window, I disable the viewport, but the window gets blurred too although its enabled.
    How can I prevent that? I want it to be like the Ext.window.MessageBox....
  13. I managed to do the pagination, but now all the records visualize like 'undefined' . And when I check the data of each record in Firebug it's empty.
  14. grid.reconfigure(newStore);
  15. Yes I did, but I get no data in the grid.
  16. I didn't get the result with grid.bindStore, but i tried this

    Ext.getCmp('postsToolbar').store.pageSize = 4; ...
  17. Ok i used PagingMemoryProxy and that helped. Now i have another question. If i change the grid store, is how can i make the paging toolbar to work with the new store.
  18. Would you paste some working example? I will really appreciate it.
  19. Any other ideas?
  20. Well i tried this(maybe it's very wrong :) )

    var pagingStore = Ext.create('' ,{
    model: "threadModel",
    pageSize: 4,
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    Can I use this with Ext 4 because i have a problem with paging local data.
  22. Hello, I'm new to ExtJS.
    I want to ask how can i do pagination with the paging toolbar in a grid with local data. I looked at some of the threads, but most of them show examples for remote data.
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