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  1. Nobody, who can tell me why I see 2 toolbars:
  2. @Gary: Thanks for your response, but your example seems not related. Maybe you could show my jsFiddle example ( to a extjs dev...
  3. The toolbar feature in my app is not working together with locked columns.

    The reduced example shows the problem of a duplicated toolbar:

    Thanks for every idea to...
  4. The <br> workaround works fine (I'm using Extjs 4.0)

    The header just looks strange if the column is right aligned and sorting is used. Do you have a solution for this?
  5. The same problem occurs with toolbars. If I hide its border, a light line remains on the top from the background image.
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    With Dev Preview 5 this problem was not existing. My current workaround is to use the CollapseHandler.

    The issue can be tested using:

    LabelProvider<String> comboLabelProvider = new...
  7. When trying to hide the frameborder with:


    ... the top border is not disappearing, because it's part of the background image.
  8. The probem:
    The error message which appears when hovering the exclamation mark when validating a form, is perfect when showed first. The second time the message is positioned incorrectely.

    How to...
  9. Any reaction? Did anybody from the GXT dev team try to reproduce this error with the test case I provided?
  10. In order to change the caption for tabs after they have been added, I tried to use TabPanel.update as described here:...
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    To test the last issue, please use the following code: (Error occures with click on button)

    public class Designer implements EntryPoint {
    public void onModuleLoad() {
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    Thanks for the getWidget() hint - works! :)

    The other issue is now gone as well. I didn't realized that even with uibinder the BorderLayoutData has to be passed with the container.setNorthWidget()...
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    When I create a simple example, the problem is fixed with adding BorderLayoutData as suggested in the other bug report:

    BorderLayoutContainer container = new BorderLayoutContainer();
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    Adding layout data to my uibinder definition as in

    Did not fix the problem. But hopefully the next release will. What's...
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    I'm not sure if the AccordionLayout is still under development - errors included, or if I'm using it totally wrong:


    When I create an AccordionLayout like in...
  16. Another question: Where can I find out how and which tags need to be used and structured for the UiBinder declaration, based on existing java code? Current example: I just can't find out how to...
  17. Vielen Dank! =D>
  18. I can't figure out how to force the BorderLayoutContainer to be full screen/consume all its parents space, like:

    Instead of:...
  19. Using the "old" way of creating elements solved my problem 100% - with windows, drawComponents, etc. So it seems the renderTo attribute is not working very well or has to be used in a different way.
  20. To test this issue, please visit:

    Within the source I clearly marked all changes I made. I would really appreciate any help on this!!!
  21. I did the following:

    - used complex layout from:
    - added id "tab1_panel" to the first tab in the center.
    - added a window at...
  22. Furthermore I'm searching for the best way to build a kind of auto scroll when selection images.

    Since in the moment you are limited to the images that fit into you data-view. So the data-view...
  23. As you see, Im kind of new to this whole EXT thing... so can you please escalate the bug to the right person or place?
  24. Sorry, my mistake. I meant another example:

    When try to select multiple images with holding the left mouse key, then the selection...
  25. There is a problem when selecting images in the image organizer example (

    If you scroll down and start selecting, the selection area is not...
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