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    Hello from the future. Just joined too. Anyone there?
  2. any news about the release? It still generates tons of code.
  3. Thank you, problem's gone it seems
  4. allow me to sum it up:

    CompositeElement is created using Ext.get() and allows:

    referencing (storing the results into a variable)
    Where as CompositeElementLite is created using...
  5. How about overriding alignElWithMouse() with absolute coords instead of local? See the comments in the code below.

    alignElWithMouse: function(el, iPageX, iPageY) {
    var oCoord =...
  6. so does anyone know the answer? I'm stuck in the top left corner too
  7. ah! Thanks, that works. The contents of the function actually are *exactly the same* what I just posted above, too.

    Note that you MUST set the 'href' property (to anything) when defining the...
  8. this worked for me (using v4.2.1):

    button.href = '#new_link';
    button.el.dom.href = button.getHref();
  9. Didn't work for me. Looks like it expects specifically JS.

    Alternatively you can change the default var in ExtDirect.php on line 80:

    static public $default_api_output = 'javascript';
  10. For those who use Architect, keep in mind that you cannot add a JS resource with url="ext-direct.php?javascript" because it will create a file with such name (including the query part after the...
  11. Ext.getVersion().version
  12. link broken
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