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  1. I have un very big problem with BaseTreeLoader and BaseListLoader.
    because they both extend BaseLoader but not with the same parameter.

    public class BaseTreeLoader<M extends ModelData> extends...
  2. I didn't manage to copy/paste number from number field with key ctrl+C and ctrl+V on firefox 3.6.13

    you can try with the number field in the column price here :...
  3. well... i think you're right, like always ;)
  4. oh i just find that the parameter of TreeGridView.getIndenting(TreeNode node) is not used.... at all...
    so it's ok... weird but ok
  5. Can you help me to override the TreeGridView.getTemplate method ???
    I didn't manage to do it because the method TreeGrid.findNode is not visible for me....
  6. I have a Combobox configured like this :


    populate with 5 elements...
  7. aarrrgg

    anyway, thanks for your answer
  8. why ??
    How could i know when the selection change ?

    You need to update the doc, if the event is not fired...
  9. I have a treeGrid with a CellTreeGridSelectionModel and i didn't manage to catch the SelectionChange event.
    I think this event is not fired
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    I can't make it work.
    I manage to just add a "%" at the end.
    But the value is not validated so the red underline appear.
    If i a use a numberFormat to allow the pourcent, weird thing appends...
  11. thanks a lot
  12. I want to override the decimal separator in a spinner field, but i can't because it's a private property.
    (In my country the separator is "," but we usually use "." because on the keybord it's a dot...
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    ok thanks for your quick answer
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    well, ok, i'm going to try this.
    But a don't understand exactly the goal of the NumberFormat which we can set to NumberField.
    beacause the numberFormat is not used to format the displayed number...
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    in a form, how to create a pourcent field ?
    which is just un number field with a "%" at the end of the number ??
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    I didn't do anything spécial...
    just a big application, with big treegrids in tabs

    I know it's not going to help you so much, my thread was just here to inform you that maybe there is a problem...
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    I know i'm not going to be helpfull because i didn't manage to reproduce the bug in a simple exemple...
    but i just had a very weird bug with multiple treegrid.
    (gxt2.2, firefox 3.6.10, chrome)
  18. you're the best Sven !!!
  19. thanks for your great job !
  20. It's not un bug, i think there is no way to do that, so i don't know where to post that...

    I have a treeGrid and i don't want to display any icon, no folder, nothing...
    if the iconProvider return...
  21. ok great,
    yes for me it make sense because the end-user edit cells and prefer the CellSelectionModel for this
  22. on GXT 2.2 and before

    if the tree grid selection model is a CellSelectionModel nothing append
    because the method treeGrid.getSelectionModel().getSelectedItems() don't return anything

    we need...
  23. original code

    public void setValue(String value) {
    value = value.replace("#", "");
    this.value = value;
    if (rendered) {
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    i thing i did something similar to your question 1.
    first i make a class to overrhide CheckColumnConfig.onRender

    public class myCheckColumnConfig extends CheckColumnConfig

  25. great !
    many thanks for your amazing job !
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