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  1. Actually I didn't get it from the documentation. I got it out of the code. = {
    26929 "beforerowremoved" : true,
    26930 "beforerowsinserted" : true,
    26931 "beforerefresh" : true,...
  2. Ok I won't pretend to be an ext expert but here's the way I understand it.

    I create a grid and attach a data store. When I want to put more records into the grid I insert them into the data...
  3. I'm listening for the rowsinserted event on a gird. If the grid is empty and I try to add something to it, the event does not fire. All subsequent additions to the grid fire the event.

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    Using the above example posted by Fay, I get an infinite loop. Since i begins at 0, which is the beginning record address for the datastore and getCount() returns the actual number of records (1 if...
  5. I am trying to access the updated xml after I make changes to the grid. My understanding is after I remove a row from the grid the changes also take place in the underlying xml.

    I use the...
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