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  1. I hide the 'update' and 'cancel' button,set the 'autocancel' config false,but the changes I made to a record is still rejected when I move to a new row.I hava thus requirement because I have a...
  2. maybe you can add the record to your local dataset and call store.setProxy() to reset the proxy of you store

    type : 'pagingmemory',
    data : yourNewData,
  3. I hava a model named 'person' with fields : ['id','name','phone','email'],and the 'id' field map primary key of my 'person' table in database.Then I define a store named 'person' with the model...
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    Hi,dnorman,thanks for you brilliant work.But it seems that it dosn't work well with ExtJS 4.2.It tried it ,but it can only autosize according to the length of the header text,but not to the...
  5. Thank you for you advice,scott!
  6. Thank you for your reply,scott!
    I'm sorry I did not make myself clear.What I want to do is set the the text header of a column vertical beacause I have too many columns in a grid and the header is...
  7. I hope to show the gridpanel's header text vertical,but i don't know which config can do this.Can anyone help me?

    Any suggestion is appreciated!
  8. Make it easier for reading

    Ext.define('Ext.ux.DateTimePicker', {
    extend: 'Ext.picker.Date',
    alias: 'widget.datetimepicker',
    renderTpl: [
    '<div id="{id}-innerEl"...
  9. When I try to build production using Sencha Cmd v3.0.2.288,it throws error as following :
    [ERR] com.sencha.exceptions.BasicException: The following error occurr
    ed while executing this...
  10. How to add label(value) to each node of line chart?I can add label to bar chart by setting the 'labelField' config of bar series but it doesn't work in line series.

    What should I do?
  11. Any one any idea please?
  12. I hope to the exact value of each point in line series, but failed by setting

    labelField : 'data1'

    labelField works well in bar series however
    Can anyone give me some advice please?
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    Yeah !That's the cause of the problem.
    I used 'panzoom' and 'itemhighlight', when I set interactions : [''] I got what I want.
    Thank you bro!
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    I want to set the chart disabled(In fact,I hope it don't response to ant event such as singletap ,doubletap nor swipe).But I can not make it by

    nor set disabled true

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    Can not hide chrome address bar by setting

    viewport : {
    autoMaximize : true
    tested in Android 4.0.3

    Anyone can help me, please!
  16. In my demo,the carousel's children components always have gap between them,even if I set margin : '0 0 0 0'.I want the components to be next to each other closely to get more space cause cell phone...
  17. When I add initialize function to chart then the series and axes disappear,When I delete them ,the series and axes come back.

    Your reply is appreciated!!
  18. Have you got the solution ? I'm looking for the answer too,so if you have the solution please tell me. Thanks !!
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    I will check, thank you !!
  20. Not yet...,I hope someone can give me some advice
  21. Thank you !

    Hm,I typed it ,I'm sorry for the wrong word.My original code is somehow too long to put it here and there are a lot of Chinese words in it.

    Thank you for you reply again!
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    temp is the instance of the store you defined, but temp don't have a property called 'rows',so it returns undefined
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    Yes ,call methods like load() ,loadData() ,add() to load data to the store
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    In your case
    Since you have commented the red sentences,the variable temp you created has no data at all,you should call method temp.load() to loaddata.
  25. Hi,I wondered whether you have checked this thread recently,so I reply again. Hope you can solve this or give me some advice!

    Thank you!
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