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  1. I'm running Touch 2.2.1 and also notice this problem with containers in general which hold input field elements. The fields themselves render find and in the right place, but the Ext labels attached...
  2. Not sure how you installed 1.9.3, but you might be using the system's from /usr/bin/ruby instead of the one you installed.
  3. This article describes how to compile and install ruby w/o needing RVM. It installs to /usr/local/bin/ruby so just...
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    Finally found the workaround to this. I ended up calling sencha compiler directly rather than using "sencha app build production", which leaves out many of the optimizations that the "app" command...
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    Anyone know of any way to get CMD not to change Ext.define() into Ext.cmd.derive() at compile time? I tried manually compiling my content by doing

    sencha compile -classpath=ext/src,... concat...
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    Is there any place that explains what the options are for that file?
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    During our optimized builds, Sencha CMD (I presume) is changing Ext.define() to Ext.cmd.derive(). It seems to be that the pattern is if the dependent/superclasses are already loaded before the...
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    If you're trying to get a locale resource bundle loaded into the browser, like for localization, you don't want to have it included as part of the built app.s/all-classes.js. You want your code...
  10. To have Compass automatically recompile the SASS for you when it detects a change, run

    $ compass watch <path to your sass folder>
  11. At build time, it's not possible for the compiler to know the platform for which you're building, so it's difficult to tell CMD to conditionally copy a file all by itself. However, you could use the...
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    You can specify YUI compressor options if you call Sencha CMD through Ant.!/guide/command_ant

    Essentially, after your compile, run the <x-compress-js...
  13. When you run something like, "sencha app build package" for a Touch project, Cmd goes through and pulls in all of the required classes that are needed by the class. For Ext.Application, it even...
  14. Just adding more fuel to the fire regarding code sharing between ExtJS4 and Touch2. I'm trying to deploy my desktop and mobile-web applications via:


    So that mobile...
  15. According to, the cache_location can be set to define a different cache directory for SASS, but when I tried setting in...
  16. I don't see anything obvious regarding the output path for that target:

    <target name="package">
    <property name="args.environment" value="package"/>

    However, in...
  17. I followed Robert Dougan's easy 1-2-3 article for using PhoneGap to wrap ST, and I'm having a problem at the step that calls the command, "sencha app build package." I changed my app.json to have:
  18. Well, that's confusing, given that the Getting Started guide that's downloaded with ST 2.1.0 makes no mention of that. In fact, the Installation section only links to the SDK and Tools. When I...
  19. I'm having the same issue. I downloaded the 2.1.0 SDK from, then the tools from...
  20. Whoops, thanks for pointing that out :)
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    We're using Ext 3.1 and starting to look at implementing access keys for 508 compliance. Aside from the default keys such as tab/alt-tab, arrow keys, does Ext default any access keys for certain...
  22. We're using Ext 3.1 and starting to look at implementing access keys for 508 compliance. Aside from the default keys such as tab/alt-tab, arrow keys, does Ext default any access keys for certain...
  23. Do you have trailing commas? Use jslint to find out. What errors are reported in IE's error console. What version of IE are you testing? If IE8, open developer tools and watch console.
  24. We're still on Ext 2.1, which exhibits this behavior in FF3. Is there a way to set the shim property of the window when using

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    Yup, it's true, we're using Dojo and ExtJS (among others). Dojo provides the modularity to let all of the developers work on independent pieces of the application and packages everything into a...
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