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  1. Hi, I also need to send some information to the client side.
    I have implemented the server side code, but I am having issues in retrieveing the data at the client side.

    We are using the...
  2. Hi, I am using GXT LiveGrid to display some data.
    Its working fine, as expected, except for, when I add many columns in the grid, then it gets strected more than the screen size, and hence I am...
  3. Hi, is there a way, I can resize/stretch my combobox display, so that the longer values are being displayed properly?
    I was going through Sencha forms, and foound the following thread :-
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    Hi Animal,
    can you please provide me the equivalent java code for automatically resizing the combo box drop down.
    I believe, I need to set "setAutoWidth(true)" on my combo box, and also have to...
  5. Hi, I am using a liveGrid to load the data dymaically from the server.
    The code is working fine. Now, I need to do a small enhancement in that, and for that I need some advice.

    I need to...
  6. Hi Micgala,

    Thanks a lot, that worked.
    Here, the new window name is not taking any space in between. I mean, earlier I was using the following code :-...
  7. Hi, I did some more investigation.
    In Google Chrome, when I open the Developers Tools, I see a "Failed to load resource" exception, and the resource is my Servlet. So, that means the servlet is not...
  8. Hi, I am trying to download a file from server. The normal GWT RPC call doesnot allow me to do that, and hence I wrote a servlet to do that job for me. From the client side, I am creating a Frame...
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