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  1. Check your project settings:

    and then your stores url:


    this should add up to http://localhost/somedir/somefile.php

    Yours will add up to http://localhost/C:\Documents and...
  2. I'm running into the same errors. There might be two bugs:

    If the URL Prefix is set with an/ at the end and the Ajax Proxy's url with an starting / it won't work (obviously):...
  3. I noticed that using key: 'F4' isn't an option. Maybe using charCodes is a better idea?
  4. Nice! Thanks!

    PS: Maybe add something so it loads and directly focuses on the body? The plugin works like a charm after focusing on the body.

    Thanks again!
  5. Had the same problem and removing the id worked. Thanks!
  6. @gevik: Da's wel erg kort dag voor mij. Daarnaast is het in sommige regionen vakantie en in andere delen carnaval (of men interpreteert het in elk geval zo;) ).
  7. ## DIY Plans
    Bulle Bas
  8. Komt waarschijnlijk ook omdat er steeds geen concreet plan wordt neergelegd. Dat is de enige manier: locatie, datum en tijd vastzetten. Kosten laag houden. Tot een man of 25 kan het eventueel bij mij...
  9. Dear ExtJS developers,

    is there a reason why this 'fix' isn't applied to newer releases of ExtJS?

    Ext.override(Ext.form.DisplayField, {
    labelStyle: 'padding: 0 0 0 0'

  10. Is het uberhaupt niet logisch te wachten met plannen tot er een final-release datum bekend of in zicht is?
    Ik ben overigens voor Utrecht, dan kan ik fietsen :)
  11. Because this was the first result I found that matched my search, I'll post my solution for feedback or to help someone else.

    Perhaps this could be done much easier. However, I couldn't find it....
  12. @fay:
    Jeez, my first reaction was: "How blind can I be?".
    The actual answer was: the search option in de documentation doesn't provide this as an searchresult.
    Bit weird, or is that normal?
  13. Hi there,

    You could say i'm quite a beginner, but not a newbie. However JS in general is not my strongest point.
    I have an application which should load scripts dynamically. What is the best way...
  14. Thanks for your quick reply Fay. The StoreMenu did my trick. ( After that I dove right into 'the rest' of ExtJS, and finally getting grip on the structure...
  15. Hi there,

    I'm really new to ExtJS. I've tried to find a solution on the forum and tried Google aswell. I think because of a lack of ExtJS knowledge I can't find the solution.

    So here's the...
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