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  1. Any user interface is 'event driven', hence Ext too is event driven. So is a browser or any other application that has a user interface. However that does not mean your software architecture is or...
  2. combo does not have a 'fields' config option. give autoLoad: true for the store.
  3. This is the best and only way u can think of, though I would put script.type before script.src. Also the load is asynchronous so you need to ensure the script is loaded before doing anything.
  4. Yes I understand jgarcia, it is a matter of choice, this is an option for beginners or those not comfortable with with adding and firing new events. What I have done here is replaced the "event...
  5. 'arguments' is a javascript predifined variable which simply contains all the arguments passed, in an array. You should always use arguments, so that you make sure all the arguments passed are taken...
  6. Based on a suggestion from Christophe Badoit here is the simplified version 0.91 beta.

    ///////////////////////////////// Class Ext.ux.InterfaceViewport /////////////////////////////////////
  7. If you mean align horizontally, you will have to put the top two fields inside a container and set the height of the container.
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    See this thread
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    Some bad news for flash based applications
  10. I did consider your first option. As I mentioned in the a earlier post I chose my current way because I thought it was simple. Creating and calling functions is simpler than creating and firing...
  11. You mean you want the combobox on the selected row to be shown?
  12. set deferredRender: false for the tab panel. Also make sure you are creating with 'new' each formpanel in the tab.
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    And most important to me is that flex needs Flash installed on the client. Ext/Ajax does not require anything installed on the client.
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    You look like a fast learner:)
  15. Maybe you should read up on aynchronous javscript. I dont have a like off hand now. Search the net and this forum.
  16. No i did not say that. Are you familiar with asynchronous javascript programming, callbacks etc?
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    A window in Ext is like a dialog in other languages. You cant make it bigger than the application itself. Have you looked at Panel, Viewport etc? That might be the way to go.
  18. You can't do that. You have to 'listen' to the 'load' event for each asyncnode and do the necessary.
  19. Yes it will not work. According to the docs

    Radio grouping is handled automatically by the browser if you give each radio in a group the same name
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    You have to return success: true. Read docs on Ext.form.Action.Submit
  21. The radio does not support click event. It fires the check event when clicked. You are mixing the browser event 'click' with the ext event 'check' for the radio.
  22. Hi Danh,
    Do you have an example of what you mentioned. Because I did consider your approach but I figured that would involve components firing events. I thought that this approach was simpler. The...
  23. Please read my previous post again. You have not put your code in code tags. When you are editing the post hightlight the code area and click the "#" button. Also prntScreen your screen and attach...
  24. show your iconCls. Also what do you mean by single iconCls? show both the code and cls that works and does not work.
  25. It is difficult to understand your problem. Show more code within 'code' tags. Also a pic of the screen will help.
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