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  1. Instead of using a variable like debugmode = true just use RAILS_ENV and make a simple helper in ApplicationHelper app/helpers/application_helper.rb and add this.

    def ext_include
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    I would like to use Ext Grid to just show a spreadsheet, with tabs, that I could select a column, row or an area in the grid, as well to add delete columns and rows.
    I know this can be done in Ext...
  3. I have been testing my code using Culerity that uses HTMLUnit, so I must install it on JRUBY, but I did not like the experience of testing with this tool, I've been thinking to use Selenium on Rails,...
  4. Hi there, Iam interested in finding new ways to make the development of Rails applications with Ext, I would like to contact you and see if we can Work togheter.
  5. Hi there I have created a project which I call enano, it is a small CMS but the thing is that it has a nice filebrowser, with Drag and Drop and other features, it is also integrated with TinyMCE, so...
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    I have worked with Rails and Ext JS, in the begining I was only using JSON, to load data, now Iam also loading HTML, but all is AJAX, Iam also using jQuery which simplifies many methods and you can...
  7. Thanx so much for this plugin I've usig Rails with Ext but this plugin is magic. Thanx
  8. En caso de que sepan espa
  9. This code might help

    var a = Ext.query('input.x-form-checkbox');
    Ext.each(a, function(item) {
    Ext.get(item).on('click', function(){alert(1)});

    In case that you want to add just to...
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    Hola compa
  11. Hi there, How can I make a template for a table autoresizable??
    I have to use the (resizable: true) but this is done by the user, I want to make this part
    automatic. I have tried with getBox(), but...
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    As animal said JSON is a javascript Object (I think you want to read from the URL, load another JSON or HTML, XML file) You should make an Ajax call to make this Happen.

    // Basic request...
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    I would like to add a token to every Ajax request, especially with the forms, I've tried to use

    Ext.Ajax.on('beforerequest', function(conn, options){
    options.params.token =...
  15. Hello I have a form to make uploads. And I want to be able to erease the value from the file field after I've submited the upload. The code you see here works on FF but it doesn't work with IE, how...
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    Thanx that was the problem.
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    Iam loading a tree from a static json file, the tree worked fine but I've changed so that I can create instances, but it doesn't work it says that the getLoader() is not defiend what Iam doing wrong?...
  18. How can I do this, can you show me an example, for example if I have a datagrid in a Tab, I want to be able to close the tab and open the Tab from the menu.
  19. Iam making a big application using Ext and cakephp frameworks, I would like to dynamically load and remove scripts.
    What I want to do is to have a menu and when you click a menu item it loads a...
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    Hi Iam new to Ext and Iam making a Tree in which you can edit add and delete nodes. I have a problem when editing a new node. The "ge.on('complete',..." event fires the number of times I have added a...
  21. Hi I was modifing the Example of the comboBox and when I use a select event it doesn't work the keyboard navigation.


    // simple array store
    var store = new...
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