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  1. I agree with you, I ended dropping Ext, faced various similar issues :s
  2. Why don't you follow my solution? It works correctly, I used it in an application and it's fine.

    Still, I didn't believe it too: no events for "sync" when success: false, and to find those...
  3. Model definition? We need it to check if you didn't forget to update fields there.
  4. Replies
    No I don't think app.js should be duplicated.
    I think you should create, eventually, multiple Viewport.js (and so you have to avoid autoload it).

    Possibly, you should generate a part of...
  5. actually I discovered I'm using 4.1.0, not 4.1.1
  6. Are you sure? I'm remote filtering dates correctly.
  7. This is interesting me too, I'll need to use it in my next job.
  8. I tried by setting enabled to false on the tabs but it seems is not working.
    Any suggestion about this?
  9. I noticed that in group tabs, the first tab of a group becomes the "name of the group" and is also selectable.

    What I want is that if you click on the header group it does nothing or at least...
  10. Thanks a lot, I'll work on it
  11. Maybe the fact that I can just copy data is even better: I'll check if filters are applied (if that's the case I basically reload everything in the "child" store directly from the server), if not, I...
  12. That's REALLY interesting, two questions however:

    How does the master store behaves with filtering? I mean, if a child store request to filter, does this store require that this filter is...
  13. Yea but what "bothered" me is the fact that I have to reload it through the network, so I'm wasting bandwidth, it's not a matter of coding actually.
  14. Actually I'm doing it too (I created a combobox that autogenerate a store). I hoped for a better solution anyway. Like storing filters and restoring them after
  15. I have a "stupid" problem, in my application I have (let's suppose) the store Comments and the store Authors. Comment has one author.

    Now, I have a grid to edit comments and one to edit authors,...
  16. Ah thanks, I were missing the SQL View!
    I'll look for a different solution at the moment however, because I'm using sqlite so I don't have views support :\
  17. Mhhh... that's how I did it before, however when I update the id field, the string field for some reason doesn't get updated (I have to refresh the store), I think because Ext updates the id field...
  18. How do you implement it? I mean, do you have 2 fields on your model, one is author_id and the other is author_id_to_string, and you update only author_id and author_id_to_string gets autoupdated?
  19. Thanks for suggestion. When you raise your row editor, I imagine you show a selectbox to choose an id (which is integer however). Do you handle the fact that you are updating a "string" value with...
  20. I found some solutions but none of them satisfact me enough. I would like to hear from you which possibilities do I have to display a foreign key text in human readable format. I'll bring you an...
  21. Mmmmh. Well, but achieving some website graphics with just components is much longer than doing the same with simple html + css, I'm afraid that doing it with ExtJS will require much more time than...
  22. Hi everyone, I'm about to build a website where I require to write a lot of html + css to give it a "custom" layout.

    I don't know which is the best approach if I should use it toghether with...
  23. This is fixing the issue! Thanks a lot for it.

    A stupid question which I don't know if it's a bug: why if I click on the most left part of the bar pager, I get the bar completely empty and "Record...
  24. REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1 rev 0

    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox 15.0.1 (firebug 1.10.3 installed)

    DOCTYPE tested against:
  25. Should I report this as a bug?

    EDIT: It looks like is a bug, they suggested me a fix....
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