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  1. Hello everyone,

    My app uses a gridpanel and I enabled columns filtering features. Everything is working well, I can select a filter for my columns. But the problem is that one these columns...
  2. Hello everybody,

    I'm using the setValue function on a chart.series.items[0] object (gauge type), but the gauge is always empty (no value visually defined).

    Here's my gauge view definition:

  3. What kind of issue are you facing ?
  4. Thanks but how can I access into this event the operation object to add it my parameter ?
  5. Hi everybody,

    When I perform CRUD operation in my application, I'd like to be able to get the request BEFORE it is sent to my server.

    For example, when I remove or update a record from a grid,...
  6. I just tried updateLayout instead of doLayout and I've got the same problem.
  7. Thanks for your reply, I will try this as soon as possible.
  8. Hello everybody,

    I'm using ExtJS Portal for my application. When I try to move or resize portlets, I call myContainer.doLayout(); to force the container to refresh its children (my portlets). But...
  9. I've finally find a solution by myself.

    I post it below if it may help other people later.

    First, in my portlet container, for each of my portlets (panels) I give them an unique id and a base...
  10. I just tried your code but it doesn't work :(
  11. Thanks, I will try this as soon as possible
  12. Thanks for your reply, but how can I do that ?
  13. Hi everyone,

    I would like to know how can I manage dynamically my panel's headers on my website.

    By default, my panels are set with "header: false", but on mouseover event, I want the headers...
  14. Hi everyone,

    I'm using your MVC Portal Exemple (

    This sample works great, but I'd just want to remove the portlets blue borders...
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