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    I am using Sencha touch to build an application which uses API which is built using Ruby On Rails. API needs following in form data while we submit a form to API.


    On decode it...
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    I am working on a touch chart and implementing line chart with it. I want to make markers of line chart draggable so user can change it's value by dragging .
    I checked the source code...
  3. I am having a viewport with card layout and a docked toolbar at bottom with two buttons. I am having a strange issue on change of phone orientation. There are three buttons in bottom toolbar when I...
  4. So anyone else who might have this same issue please enable JavaScript from browser settings.

  5. I am sorry that was my bad. I don't know how but while clearing the cache from browser settings by mistake I disabled the JavaScript so only white screen was displayed. I am really sorry for this...
  6. Hello,

    I am facing a strange issue right now. I have a sencha touch app which works fine when I open it in chrome in my notebook. But same site is not working in my android browser. What could be...
  7. walldorff code you mentioned is working, even i can see tab panel rendered but i want to add more tabs dynamically.
  8. I want to add more tabs dynamically that's why I was using Ext.getCmp() to get component.
  9. Thanks for pointing out to the document. I have followed all the guidelines for extending tab panel . Only thing missing was onRender. But still its not working for me.
  10. Hello,

    I want to extend tab panel and add more functions to it. As of now my code looks like below.


    Applications.CustomTabs.Tabs =...
  11. Thanks. I forgot to reply that I solved this issue. The issue was with encoding of json data.
  12. Hello,

    I am using combo box as editor in editor grid panel. Following is the code.

    header : "Source",
    dataIndex : 'source',
    width: 100,
  13. Hello,

    I am working on UI project where I have to create complex layout. Right now I am facing a problem in tab panel. I have a collapsible panel inside tab panel. It does not get collapsed...
  14. Yes you are right condor. HTML creates problem. Thanks for pointing me right direction.
  15. Yes I guess HTML is valid but I will check it again. Does it effect in row selection of grid?
  16. In firebug it gives me error at following point.

    resolveCell : function(row, col, hscroll){
    row = row.rowIndex;

    In ext-all-debug.js file. I guess this error is...
  17. Hello,

    I am using ExtJs grid panel in my html pages. Following is the config and viewConifg of grid.

    store : pageStore,
    renderTo: 'app_page_content',
  18. Thanks this code works.
  19. Thanks for your reply. I will check it.
  20. Hello,

    I have grid panel with autoScroll :true. It will display the scrollbar if number of rows exceeds the height of the grid. What I want is to make vertical scrollbar permanently visible...
  21. Yes, exactly uploading image for every row separately.
  22. Thanks for replying condor. I solved the issue by placing a button in column. On click of button opens a new modal window with FormPanel and fileupload field. In afterEdit event first submitted form...
  23. Hello,

    I am using an Editor Grid Panel where I want a file upload as a editor in one of the column. Any idea how to do that?

    Hiren Dave
  24. That did not work.
  25. Solved it by setting active tab on load. But still looking forward to other better solution.
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