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  1. Hi Sven,

    I did what you said, and everything was fine in the test case. I then went back to my project and removed an HTML component that contains an object/embed tag to show a little flash app (a...
  2. I should add I am using GXT 2.2 beta
  3. I have a radio group in a form panel. This radio group is only needed once the user has completed an action, so I use setVisible(false) and then setVisible(true) when its needed. Every time the...
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    WOW! Thanks for making the fix available. Hope Ext continues with this. I dont think keeping users from bug fixes increases support subscriptions, it only alienates your users. My plan is to buy a...
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    Thanks for taking the time to share your solution!!
  6. Sorry I was being sarcastic. There is no way to get the fix unless you spend time and debug the source code yourself or sit and wait until the next public release. Again, I was being sarcastic...
  7. >>This is very urgent for me!!
    >> Can you please help.

    NO! Pay for a support subscription or shut up.
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    Thanks for the fix. Why dont you have to call this for other fields?
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    If you call reset() on a fileuploadfield, the browse button becomes disabled.


    Darrell, do you test your software?
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    I am wondering: can start a project that will fork extGWT (under GPLv3) , allowing SVN access (and patch builds) to anyone using under the GPL terms ?

    Or will this violate some hidden clause in...
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    [QUOTE=avrecko;160390]While ExtGwt is in beta (read as half baked and infested with bugs) ]

    This is still the case!! Buyer Beware
  12. This code works fine in 2.0.1 but not in 2.1.0. Also the line

    m_folders_pane.setLayout(new FitLayout());

    causes that panel to take up the entire viewport my application lives in.

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    This app is written using mostly GXT (some plain vanilla GWT to work around the bugs in GXT 2.0.1 (make patches free!!) such as the FileUploadField and the Checkbox Field)

    I've had some complaints...
  14. I just want things to work. Ive fixed my app using raw GWT an XMLHTTPRequest-but when you pay for something, you expect it to work. RPC is not an option,not using a Java backend.
    BTW, why not just...
  15. Well form submissions should work...not much to ask...
    I paid for it, I paid to use it...semantics, this forum isnt a legal forum.

    I dont want to circumvent rules, I just want the ...
  16. Its one thing to have to wait/pay for the latest features. Its another thing to wait/pay for something that should have just worked from day 1, but is broken in the most commonly used browser. Its a...
  17. I just bought my commercial license last May. Do you think Ext JS offers refunds?
  18. Is sending me the current svn build against the rules? I paid for a faulty product, can you please help me fix it?
  19. Hey, aclsoftware, can you send me the current svn build when you get it working? I paid for a commercial license, just not silver support.
  20. So I paid $300 bucks for an API that cannot submit forms correctly for the most widely used browser? And I need to pay another $300 to get the fix (svn access) or just sit and wait.....why cant you...
  21. Hello. I created a simple form that takes username and password. Works fine in FF and Safari, but in IE 6-8, when i click a buttom to submit the form, a window opens and now Events.Submit event is...
  22. yes that was the problem. I guess I need to be more careful about using Eclipse's Quickfix when importing stuff. Thank you!!!!
  23. I want a grid to read in Dates from my server (served as timestamps) -

    I use xml to trasmit the model.

    I add a Date to my ModelType in the following manner:

    DataField lastmodfield = new...
  24. Note: The code above does not work even with the line


    taken out.
  25. I am extending the GridView class and overriding the createContextMenu function to create a custom menu for the grid columns. I add a submenu of radio checkmenuitems, but the states do not change...
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