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  1. ok, thanks for the update.

    Good timing with the nightly publishing :)
  2. Why is there always problems with ExtJS plugins, and not with any of the other plugins I'm using in phpstorm?

    If you think you have a fix ready, why can't we test it? not need to release for auto...
  3. I found this plugin
    it's not the same as Sencha required, but I also created an override of the DatePickerNative class, now it works fine...
  4. Would be nice to at least know what cordova/phonegap plugin is needed
  5. Thanks, that one worked perfectly - to bad I missed the update when you first posted it, but I can confirm that it's working fine :)
  6. Still not working in 6.0.2 released version, any override made for this?
  7. After doing som more testing I find that my particular issue on on my current app is working with 6.0.1, but not in 6.0.2.

    After a bit of debugging I found that...
  8. I have an app with 3 builds, classic, modern, and native (with modern view).
    in the beforeLoad event I want to base the loaded profile not on window, but first on native build or not native build.
  9. Thanks.. just realiced that before upgrading the workspace to 6.0.2 I was running on 6.0.1-hacked. I just have to figure out what I modified and try the same workaround on 6.0.2 (will report...
  10. This is a problem in 6.0.2 - but I did not have the issue in 6.0.1

    Edit: Sorry.. I did have the issue on 6.0.1 but run on some hacked/custom bugfix directly in the extjs source.
  11. Thanks

    I've implemented your PickerSlot override, but I had to modify -53 to -120 (not sure why)
    I'm running on a standard theme, and the slot I'm targeting is the top slot.

    Also, for your...
  12. This workaround has a positive effect, but there is also the related bug about the selected item (based on value of the field) is not the one really showing when opening the picker.

    Although, if...
  13. This issue should be opened again. It's easy to reproduce and still a problem (6.0.1)

    When creating a form:
    e.g. Order, and I want to include two select fields, one for Contact, and one for...
  14. Having this issue on all my projects, so I'm coding without the plugin..
    First you destroy architect and make us use a new plugin, now I'm been unable to use the plugin as well, long enough to...
  15. Urk, still the same issue in 6.0.1.
  16. Any workarounds for this one?
    I've looked at the css, but not really sure I've understood what dom element that have the selection indicator
  17. Still Open, any progress on this issue? The workaround is not doing the trick for me.. The localstorage seems unstable. Records suddenly changes phantom status, and I'm unable to track when it...
  18. Replies
    I've been testing a bit, but the main reason I want to try is that I find it difficult to inspect stores defined in a view model. (Not sure about other none public stores)

    I'm I missing something...
  19. I'm unable to find documentation of the fact that a store creating will be deferred until the filter have a bind value.

    Also, I'm really wondering why...

    After application launch I'm going...
  20. Working and defining stores in Architect, but after I do a login I'm doing a walk trough all Application stores and modify the url on the proxy.

    Now I'm trying to move some of my public stores...
  21. Replies
    I'm able to constantly reproduce this bug now.

    When generating a ExtJS 5.1.1 theme with cmd the generated theme/package.json file contains the property toolkit: "classic".

    If this is...
  22. You can install cmd 6.0, and use it with Architect, been using it in production for a week.
    I think this issue was resolved, but in the comments two similar issues was raised, and at least the one...
  23. The new sa team is back on track. One bug fix release is public, another one is in eap, and ext js 6 support is confirmed
  24. No you can not. The change to 5 pack minimum is 6+month's old now. So what you are looking for is the old-old license.. :(
  25. You can add your data, to the view model in Architect as well.
    Properties can always be created as custom properties if they're not available in the object inspector.

    the only thing that is a...
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