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    whoaa... it is working now..!! eventhough the size of the panel is still looks small (not right) but i can see the parameter and the response of the jsp page is right exactly like what i want..., i...
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    thanks for the fast reply,,

    do you mean change with Ext.getCmp() ? ... hmm still not working and same error return.. this.body has no properties ... :s
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    hi all, i want to try load a jsp page into a Ext.window (with a panel inside) but why there is an error :

    Ext.get("PanelRead") has no properties
  4. why function allowBlank:false, on my fieldset is not working ? this is my code :

    form with fieldset :

    formReplyWeb = new Ext.FormPanel({
    frame: true,
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    anyone..?? maybe animal can help me...?

    you can see the firebug is returning an error message on my attached file...

    now i use java to make the error handling on the string, but it is not take...
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    i have the same problem too, i use mysql database to save the data, when i insert a value to the fieldText with type textarea which has "enter key" that will be no problem, the data/value will insert...
  7. bravo thanks, it's working..!!! =D>

    wapActiveGrid.getSelectionModel().on('rowselect', function(grid, rowIndex, e) {
    selectedWapActiveId = wapData.getAt(rowIndex).data.wap_id;...
  8. how?? did you mean use this :

    wapDetailData.on('load', function(){
    ... ???
    ... ???

    the selectedWapActiveId was change dynamically based on selected row on another...
  9. hi All, i hope there will anyone can help me.. :)

    i have a grid (in example named : "wapDetailGrid" ) with paging toolbar, but the store of that grid is loaded based on an id that selected in the...
  10. ok i see, i will try it tonight...
    by the way thanks to pokerking400 and catacaustic ... :)
  11. Hello ?? please anyone can help me ? i have no idea ...
  12. enable() and disable() ? how to use it? can you give me a simple example of using that?
  13. hi all, can anyone help me to tell how to make a mask to the background (viewport) when there is a popUp window?

    so, what i mean is on that viewport i have a grid, on that grid, there will have a...
  14. mmm.. okay i see, thanks...:)
  15. hi all, can anybody help me what happen to my web application,,

    when i run / open my web in localhost there is no problem, but when i open on the other computer which connected with LAN there will...
  16. ahoy.. im sorry i already solve it..! but now i only can take an id from my record that i selected, i will try to make it load a data store to fill a fieldset based on that id, wish me luck..
  17. i think im gonna crazy..

    do mean like this ?

    var mbuh;

    userGrid.getSelectionModel().on('rowselect', function(sm, rowIdx, r) {
    mbuh = sm.getSelected();
  18. thank's for your kind attention bro's.. :)

    ok, this is the line of code that i want to try make it :

    // load the data for the Grid of the user
    var userData = new...
  19. sorry,, i think it's to complicated for newbie like me to understand all of those code, :s

    is there any simple example? maybe..

    what i want to do is when i select a row on a grid (in single...
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    ok, this is my second newbie question :),

    how i can get dynamically parsing my parameter to{ ... from my jsp so i can load my grid with data with a certain parameter, this is...
  21. thank's bro, that is the exellent example... i'll try it with jsp :)
  22. hi, i am a newbie that interest in ext js,
    i need an example of using grid that when i select a row from that grid then there will an action that a form (field set) will show. this form will take an...
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