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  1. It looks like no one cares that their legacy Ext 3.x projects stopped working in Chrome
  2. Browser: Chrome. ExtJS Version - any 3.x
    Look here -
    Any combobox popup is not rendered properlty

    How to fix:
    insert the line in top of your javascript: 'delete...
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    I am mostly interested in applications for this project for developing / testing extjs app .
    Can we use that for unit testing, for intellisense or for anything useful?
  4. Test case.
    Go to any page with extjs. ExtJS API Documentation for v3 is fine
    Open firebug console.

    w = new Ext.Window({width:1500,layout:'fit',height:100,items:new...
  5. The core idea is you can not render this amount of DOM elements at once. Look how google spreadsheets are implemented and try to do the same - have a virtual view and when a user wants to see a...
  6. I would start from a server side. Define strict rules there what action is prohibited, so when a user tries to sumbit the page he receives an error messsage when he has no rights.

    From my point...
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    I see no reasons to send a hash of a password instead of the password itself. When your packets are intercepted the attacker will receive the hash instead of password. But that means the attacker...
  8. Well, it is not important ,but of course, still inconvinient, that it doesn't list the Extjs4
    You can add refs to ExtJS4 css and bootstrap.js from a cachefly CDN. So it supports extjs

    But I...
  9. I guess it would be better to adjust the jsFiddle the way so it could be integrated with a help, bug and extension forums
  10. I was reading this help request on our forum - [url]
  11. Man, take your answer !

    You put a grid in the container which does not force it child to take the whole screen. So the grid was autoHeight (ed) thus it went down but you were not able to see that...
  12. Wow, its incredible ! I want every help request / plugin posting would be formatted with this site or a similar service.
    I was waiting this tool for years and even wanted to do it myself.
  13. I will help you with a first step:

    store.on('load', function(){
    //now you know that you store is already filled in with data

    //find a way how to add a radio button for each row in...
  14. It's better to start from an ExtJS 4.
    Else you'll spend a time on learning an extjs 2 library then spending a time to upgrade to the 4th version
  15. Cute, but pretty useless plugin imlementation from a usability point of view.

    The 'X' button should be always visible else it is hard to use it.
  16. Hi,
    You just need to get used to the javascript a bit ;)
    So you have this brief

    var states = ['A','B','C', ....... 'StateX']
    line in your code and you are happy to have it in exactly in...
  17. By default ExtJs uses a CookieProvider and storing local data with it is not really good due for 4KB limit.
    Can not we use a library which choses the best available local storage like this one -...
  18. Just bought the license. Author, do you accept some donations? I would pay much more for this tool cause I want it will work with ff4,extjs4 . Your extension looks really cool!
  19. Ok, no one helped me, and I almost finished what I wanted to do, so here is the basic ideas, then I will post the whole solution as the component or plugin

    The solution was to override functions...
  20. Hi All

    I want to insert an html editor but move his toolbar panel to another place.

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    I vote against the Russian forum.

    This forum is good enough(ok, average enough) because all developers from different countries uses the same language. I can find a lot of threads about a bug or...
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    I am from Russia. I guess people should try to learn English and use this forum. The forum is not ideal but it has a reasonable amount of information about many bugs and features. Why should we split...
  23. I don't see any reasons why programmer should suck twice during the project development instead of spending reasonable amount of time and money on learning ExtJs.

    You wrote a wrapper which allows...
  24. Hi all, I dislike the idea of having a special class for this purpose.
    Server-side validation is a feature. You can have 10 features - autosize,validation, auto enable/disable and so on.

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    The IRC doesn't allow to use a voice, does it?
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