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  1. Hi

    I have noticed that Ext.Logger is not included in sencha-touch.js but it is used from some Sencha Touch files (es: src/data/Types.js row 191). Is this a Bug? Must someone be informed ?
  2. Hi raven, I don't know that app but surely is not mine; anyway it's possible that both of us used Kitchen Sink example as a starting point :) Just for curiosity, can you share the url of that app ?
  3. Just a line to let you know that from today WiPad has been accepted into the official WordPress plugin directory; you can download it from here:

  4. Hi everyone.

    I've been impressed by the features offered by Sencha Touch, so I decided to explore
    this framework using the 'learn by doing' method.

    The project I'm presenting you is a...
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