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  1. Much prefer the "left option".

    I like being able to see the whole tree on one side but having the properties on the other. It doesn't leave much space for the toolbox of components but that's not...
  2. Hi Aaron,

    A way of naming components which inserts nothing into the code would be perfect.
  3. Is it possible to rename all of the items in my project in the "inspector" window in Sencha Designer?

    The only way I have been able to do this is to give each component an ID, which I've been told...
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    OK, thanks Aaron, I'll give it a go.
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    Sorry, I'm a complete beginner and I was asking how to do this. Where does the logic go, in the button tap event or in some kind of controller?
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    Thanks Aaron,

    I think in this instance the card layout will work, but once the user has registered or logged in I'd like to take them to a completely fresh view as they won't be going back to the...
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    Hi Guys,

    This should be a simple one hopefully....

    I've created two views in Sencha designer, a splash screen and a registration form. The splash screen has a "register" button on it and when...
  8. Or, to put it another way, in the attached screenshot ( A ) makes a lot more sense than ( B ).

    Also, surely you have to name the fields in your form the same as the fields in your model/store,...
  9. OK, I get that, but if I set the layout of the container to "stretch" instead of centered then it will stretch which is what I'm trying to achieve. There must be a way to get the form to stretch...
  10. Oh, and I'd really appreciate an explanation of this ... "(and all the id configs removed, bad OOP)"

    I'm completely new to Sencha Touch and just thought it would make sense to give everything an...
  11. Hi Mitchell,

    Sorry, I should have been more clear, yes it's centered but it's not stretching to to the maxWidth of 700px.

    I'm trying to make it centered and stretchy, because otherwise on...
  12. Yes, here is my code.

    As you can see the outer container has align center, which correctly centers the form.

    However, I want the form to 'stretch' on bigger sceens up to a maximum of 700px,...
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    I tried a container with an hbox layout, two textfields side by side and I set the label on the right hand textfield to width:0%

    Unfortunately the actual textboxes went a bit crazy and didn't fill...
  14. I asked the same question yesterday so you may find this thread useful...
  15. I have a container set to fill the screen and it contains a FormPanel. I have the container set to "stretch" so that the form fills the screen.

    If I set a maxWidth on the FormPanel of 600px (so...
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    I'm creating a form with a "first name" field and a "last name" field and I'd like to be able to put a single line on the form called "name" with two text fields side by side. Is this possible?

  17. Thanks roycyang,

    It just clicked with me. The whole point of the following line...

    if (!this.popup) {}

    ... is that the popup is only created once and can be hidden and shown without...
  18. I tried adding a second button to open a different popup but after the first popup has been opened and hidden the second button just opens the first popup again (presumably because in the main class...
  19. OK, I tried a few things and this seemed to work.


    I would have thought "this" would have referred to the button being clicked but I have no idea what's happening with scope in a...
  20. Should be an easy one this but I'm a beginner :)

    I'm using Sencha Designer 2 beta (if that makes any difference) and have added some code (not mine) to a button to open up an overlay....

  21. Thanks for the quick reply.
  22. Hi,

    I'm trying to create a simple info overlay which is centred in the screen and sizes itself dynamically so that it's bigger on a tablet than a phone (I've used minHeight and maxHeight).

  23. Hi Jamie,

    I haven't explicitly added any animations but I think there is a slide left animation by default.

    I put the demo together using the beta of Sencha Designer 2 if that helps. I'll PM...
  24. I should mention that the icons look good on page load but when you switch from one tab to another they turn to squares.
  25. I have not managed to get it working on my Desire HD (running Android 2.3.5). Example attached.

    This is also not the first time I've seen this problem and a quick search on Google shows reports of...
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