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  1. Hello Colin,

    I looked into GridRowEditing api (2.x) positionButtons() is implemented but in 3.x it's has skeleton...

    ButtonBar is private in GridRowEditing, and I am not sure how can I get...
  2. Hello Colin,

    True I am using setAutoCommit to true, and reason is that I am using PagingToolBar, and need to retain changes until user saves changes to database. I need to commit changes (in...
  3. thanks again Colin, I already see that example and example works cool even with default value... I will try to follow suggestion and get back in case I find meaningful info (issue in my code)...
  4. Thank you Colin for the tip and your time... I will try it...
  5. I am not sure why it's not working for me:-/

    I looked into web directory and I can see dirty.gif file... not sure why it's not shown in the cell?

    Any sugesstions pls.?
  6. I have a grid,

    Grid<Store> grid = getGrid(store, columnList);

    I have set show dirty cells to true

    But when user edits cell using GridRowEditing, it...
  7. I have GridRowEditing and attached Cancel & Save buttons which are shown in the beginning of the Edit grid row (left corner of edit grid row).

    I have lots of columns, and needs to use scroll to go...
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    Hello Colin ,

    Thanks for your reply.

    1) Problem I am facing is that I am not getting error message while typing, even if I type special char like !@#$%.
    and see red mark next to box only when...
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    Description of setAutoValidate() is that it validate on each key press but I see red mark only once user move out of the datefield cell... Is it a bug? or my assumption is wrong?

  10. It looks like GXT 3.0.3 lib is only available to licence holders.... 8-|

    any info when it is available otherwise... I read a thread dated Jun 2012 and was mentioned that expected by end of year...
  11. Yes, your answers to the doubts are correct... I am trying for given links... thank you for your reply...
  12. I have a Grid (grid)
    and bindded GridRowEditing (editableGrid) to Grid

    like following,

    GridRowEditing (editableGrid) has SimpleComboBox (combo1) like...
  13. Hello Colin,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, it is copied from same source. I tried with MemoryProxy instead of RpcProxy and result was same.

    But it got fixed once I removed <form> tag from html...
  14. Hi,

    I am new to GWT, and trying to fix defect with existing code.

    Aim - is client side pagination should work.
    What's happening - Following code works fine with Firefox & Chrome, but fails in...
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