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  1. Hi Mitchell,

    This does work:

    onSelectCountry : function (countryCombo, countryArray) {

    var parentForm = countryCombo.findParentByType('form');
    var cityCombo =...
  2. The following does not work:

    countryCombo.bindStore( countryArray[0].cities() );

    I did not see bindStore as a possible solution as it is not in the ExtJS docs as a method under...
  3. Nope I'm still not following. I can now see that:


    returns one store instance (with the correct child records via the model proxy).

    However, a combo (I thought)...
  4. Hi Mitchell,

    So if I understand correctly by using countryArray[0].cities().load() I am actually creating a new instance of the store, not updating the one associated with the cities combobox...
  5. I have two combo boxes I want to use to select a parent and child based on a relationship such as country and city within the country. I've done this kind of thing with ExtJS 3 but am trying to use...
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    Thanks very much, this worked with the change shown below:

    control[this.formSelector + ' #submit'] = {
    click: me.submitForm
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    I have extracted the relevant code to a smaller app that replicates the problem. Below is the base controller and the controllers of two forms that extend this. I do now see the application object...
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    I can see that the ID of the button is the same in each submission if I log the arguments of the handler to the console as below:

    submitForm : function (button, event) {
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    I'm using the MVC framework and wanted to have all form views extend a base form view and all form controllers extend a base form controller. The idea being that the base controller will provide...
  10. Many thanks for the reply SkyBlader. I understand that the config below will pass the parameters as you said.

    api : {
    create : 'cgi-bin/', ...
  11. I'm not sure I asked the right question to be honest. What I was trying to work out is how a CGI script knows whether it should, for example, fetch or delete data if the same script is used for all...
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    I used the following in Validation.js

    Ext.define('MyApp.util.Validation', {

    singleton : true,

    // Validate a CIDR net
    cidrValidation : function() {
  13. I am looking for what I expected to be a neater way to indicate to a store's URL script the type of operation it was called to perform. If I use the following in a proxy config within a store I can...
  14. And that is my problem, the example I've been working on is 3.0. Change to 3.0 and it now works. Thanks.
  15. I am using 2.2.1.
  16. It was certainly not my intention to dump everything onto a forum post.

    ctxMenu should be an object. According to the documentation I read the class has a getComponent...
  17. :"> Indeed, thanks for the quick response.

    Looks like I screwed up trying to get a simple example for a post. I have gone back to the example and tried to re-check what I was doing to the point...
  18. I am following the pre-configured class approach to organising an application and am struggling with adding a context menu.

    Within my class I have:

    this.on( 'contextmenu', this.onCtxMenu,...
  19. Thanks you for the quick response. I will watch the screencast.

  20. I can display a tree as an 'items' with a Viewport panel but not when I attempt to 'add' to the panel.

    The following works (where myTree is my TreePanel) :

    collapsible: false,
  21. That was it. Thanks very much for your help.
  22. I am trying to get a grid to display data using the following code:


    // create the Data Store
    var store = new{
    // load using HTTP ...
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