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    Hi everybody!

    I'm working on a sparkline grid plugin:

    plan is to release a beta within the next 2-3 weeks

    Usage is very simple:
  2. I'm working on a sparkline grid plugin:

    plan is to release a beta within the next 2-3 weeks

    Usage is very easy:

    var myData = [
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    ... but my cells are not editable - everythink else worked fine

    thanks for any hint
  4. notifyOver: function(dd, e, data)
    return this.dropAllowed;
  5. Hi dj,
    thanks alot for the hint!

    Do you know if it is possible to drag/select more than one column?

    And maybe there is anybody around here who can help me with the style:

    var lvDropZone =...
  6. Hi there,
    3rd day now and no result ...:-/

    Could you please give me a starter how to drag a grid column to a toolbar button. I'd like to export the column to a spreadsheet using POI on the server...
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    Selection like the DataView Example would be a nice option.

  8. Hi, could you please release the code or part (the form layout) of it. I was looking for somewhat like best practice in form layout.

    thanks + cheers
  9. Hi there,
    Google's App Engine " a developer tool that enables you to run your web applications on Google's infrastructure. The goal is to make it easy to get started with a new web app, and...
  10. thank you a lot!
  11. cheers
  12. Hi there,
    maybe a simple question ...

    I set

    pvField.focus(false, true);
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    Please help,
    I've tried a millions of combinations to layout a grid in a tab within the ext desktop.

    I don't have scrollbars :((
    I don't have...
  14. update the demo - I've the same problem

    Thank's a lot
  15. Please help, I spend the weekend trying different combinations for a grid in a tabPanel.

    within the desktop I create a window

    var win = desktop.getWindow('row-win2');
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    thanks for help
  17. ... execuse me, but that is not what I have asked. Maybe there is some experience with opera mobile around the forum

    thanks again
  18. Hi there,
    at 1st thanks for the great work!

    I've build a simple mail client using some of the grid functions. Everything seems fine, but on my mobile running Symbian with Opera Mobile the grid is...
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