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  1. I used the HTC Android version 4.1.1 version.Also this issue is reproducible only in { xtype:numberfield }
  2. Hi

    Android Enter/Next button is not working for Sencha Touch 2.1.0 if we use the XType:Numberfiled.
    But its working on XType:textfiled. This is known issue? Is there any solution for this...
  3. Using Ext.DataView which has the list item.In .js file we are using
    scrollable : { direction : 'vertical'
  4. Hi,

    We are using ST version 2.1.0 for our project. Scrolling is very poor in android device (S3 galaxy) but in iPhone its fast and smooth. Can any one tell me how to make the faster scroll in...
  5. 44139


    I need to create the above tabbar.In Tabpanel.js file other items (Accounts ,Transfers...etc) declared.

    I used the below code in app.scss file and set the ui: 'sub' in...
  6. Hi,

    I am porting sencha application on blackberry device.I want to display numeric keypad which contains only numbers and dot(.) character . I am using xtype:'numberfiled'. But this is not...
  7. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.But i should not use 2.2 version as our application is already working with android and ios with 2.1 version. So, could you please suggest me some other option.I given...
  8. Hi,

    I am facing this issue for blackberry 10.Can anyone pls help me .
  9. Hi,

    I am using sencha 2.1.0 version. My application has username and password filed.When username filed is tapped , virtual keyboard comes up and screen is shrinking instead of moving up.I...
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