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  1. As we know, Javascript alert box pauses the flow of execution, I am looking forward for a similar behavior in Extjs.
    Ext.Msg.alert() is asynchronous, although it provides a call back function to...
  2. Store load event is different than what I am looking for.

    "afterRequest" event served the purpose, which is triggered as the proxy url receive the data at client end.

    Store load is would come...
  3. I am looking for a callback function of proxy which tells me that the data is received from the server, reading and loading that data comes later on. I need something equivalent to success/failure...
  4. Hi,

    I looked at the loading mask window issue in this case, for making your code work with loading mask you need to override the native "onMaskBeforeShow" function of Extjs api within viewConfig....
  5. In my case, this solves the problem. I have used the afterrender event of the scrollbar. Below are the grid listeners:

    afterrender: function(grid){
  6. Replies
    Can we do it without using delay?
  7. @tianhao: Delay definitely solves the problem, but this is something you cant rely on. I am also facing similar issue. Did you get any event which ensures that now you can perform scrolling or focus...
  8. @whalethewise: Did you get any solution to this? I am also facing the similar issue.
  9. AM
    @tvanzoelen: Did you get a solution to this problem?
  10. FocusRow/Scrolling is working in case when i am traversing through pages using pagination toolbar. Looking further in to it. Used store load event as of now.
  11. I will give it a try. Although even if I stopped expanding the rows of the grid, focusRow does not work in my case.
  12. rowexpander
  13. Might be because on store load i am also expanding the records. Which leads to scroller refresh and when i am focusing on that row my scroller does not lead me to that because its not ready at that...
  14. As 'viewready' event is suggested for performing the selection of a default row. I want an event where i can bring the focus to selected row as well.
    Let's say, on grid store load we want to select...
  15. Store load is fired when data is loaded in the grid and 'viewready' is fired when the grid view is ready. In other terms 'viewready' is fired after store load event and its responsibility is to...
  16. Data Store load does not ensure that my grid view is ready and thus i cant scroll through records. It might work but i do not feel this is preferred approach.
    In my case as well it is not working.
  17. Which Grid event is most suitable for selecting/autoscrolling to a particular row of the Grid. Have a look at this:

  18. Infact, this event will not be triggered if we make standardSubmit set to true.
    On standardSubmit of a form, a complete new view is demanded from server, in my case it was an attachment.
    So browser...
  19. I did not find any configuration to disable/ hide the navigation buttons (previous and next) in Ext.DatePicker.
    Although we have a way to do this using respective css classes.
    But what we have more...
  20. Ext provides us two methods onDocumentReady() and onReady(). I did not get any basic difference them.
    Please elaborate.
  21. Yeah, it works fine. but it does not solve my query or my purpose.
    Lets me give you a brief:
    1)I have a button("Export to PDF"), on clicking on this button above mentioned handler/ function is...
  22. Hi folks,

    I am trying to mask the screen while form submit response is received from the server.
    On success/ failure of the response, i will be hiding the screen mask.
    I am able to mask the...
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