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  1. Obviously - however this is NOT correctly mentioned within the API docs:!/api/
  2. Hi, according to the docs, the line below should work:

    var model = new { key1: 'val1', key2: 'val2'} );

    However - the fiddle shows it seems to be true only with versions 5.0.1...
  3. Ext.supports.Geolocation returns undefined under Ext 5.0/5.1.

    The code looks identical with the 6.x versions where it behaves correctly.

    Fiddle here:
  4. Agreed with your notes about defer/async.
    What about the 'charset', then? Is there a way to set this attribute with loadScript() method?
  5. Can confirm it seems to be solved now
  6. Well, thanks, i wish i guessed this myself.

    Another question is, is there any way to set the custom attributes for the script using loadScript() - i mean such as "defer", "async"? And if not -...
  7. Hello,
    when trying to inject dynamically a script like this:

    tag: 'script',
    type: 'text/javascript',
  8. Not sure when it happened, but at the moment i'm writing this,
    Sencha Fiddle works incorrect even with the base default code (create a new fiddle and switch to Ext or some other in...
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    Very impressing extensions, thanks.

    I have built a similar one (much simpler, of course), if you are interested:
  10. Yet another simple extension for picking a range of dates/times in ExtJS apps.
    I wanted to make it as compact and simple possible, so decided to wrap all the UI within a button menu.

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    The same message appeared today to me.
    I'm not a support subscriber, but was able to create/save my fiddles using any of the framework versions (the message appeared yesterday with and...
  12. Is it possible to see the EXTJS-17737 thread somewhere?
  13. To be honest, Joel, this is what i'm doing for years now...
    But, suppose you have a quite complicated component which can have several (10 or more) configuration options, available for customization...
  14. Or, in other words, how to get the configuration of the instance within the initComponent() method in order to be able to use Ext.apply()?
  15. Hello, can you please explain me the rigth way to accomplish the following:

    For example, we have a simple panel component like this:


  16. Ext version tested:

    Ext 6.0.0 rev. 640
    Ext 5.1.1 rev. 451
    Ext 5.1.0 rev. 107
    Ext 5.0.1 rev. 1255
    Working as expected on:

    Ext 6.0.1 rev. 250
    Ext 5.0.0 rev. 970
  17. In fact, the obfuscators are working quite well...

    For example, try to obfuscate your file via (they even have a GUI program for bulk processing) and after that,...
  18. For what i can remember, this was caused by the grouping feature. Not using it should clear the console.
    It was many months ago, but i can remember i solved it applying the groupping via the store...
  19. oops, my stupid, thanks.
  20. Hello,
    how can i get an array of all the instantiated tooltips in the app using component query - regardles off whether they are visible or not?
  21. Exactly.
    That is why, i think that the API docs for model.get() could be additionally clarified.!/api/

    It now says that the get()...
  22. So, in this case, is the "field_4" a real field, I mean an instance, or should be seen as simple key: value pairs from the response object?
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    in the release notes from the recent documentation for

    is mentioned that:

    EXTJS-15785 Loading XML can result in...
  24. And besides my initial question, i have prepared a fiddle with interesting results.

    In short, the fiddle defines a model (with 3 fields), creates a store using this model and loads the store....
  25. Hi, recently updated one of my test apps from to the latest and noticed that we can not use property.

    Can you please explain why is that?
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