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  1. [DUP] Unable to change year in xtype: 'datefield' calendar

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Open Editor example (
    2. Open date picker for 'D.O.B' field .
    3. Try to scroll years / select year in...
  2. [OPEN] Is there any workaround?

    Is there any workaround?
  3. [CLOSED] ExtJS4 does not display radiogroup errors after form reset

    I am actually do not know if this is a bug or some strange logic of form reset.
    Steps to reproduce:
    Open 'Checkbox / Radio Groups' demo...
  4. Replies

    Just use native ExtJS form serializer

    Error happened because of incorrect work of jQuery adapter and his realization of method "Ext.lib.Ajax.serializeForm".
    So you need to change implementation of this method to native ExtJS and keep...
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