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  1. Does it mean that I have to manually load the...

    Does it mean that I have to manually load the store? can you elaborate please because If I will have to manually load the store just because of the callback function, I don't think it's fast enough...
  2. Hi mitchellsimoens, Thanks for the comment...

    Hi mitchellsimoens,

    Thanks for the comment however if you check above the code you are referring I actually call:

    console.log('Translate.Store.Count? ' + store.count());

    Which results to...
  3. Json Store - Empty upon Page Reload (Possible Bug)

    Dear Community,

    We encountered a weird problem. We are doing a translation mechanism for our MVC designed application in Sencha Arhitect, to do this we disregarded Sencha Architect and moved out...
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    No output file using Sencha Command


    I tried creating a locale file for my jsb3 file based on my ExtJS project:

    sencha create locale -p app.jsb3 -t locale.js

    However when I run the above file, I don't get any output? even...
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    Setting Locale

    Hi Sencha,

    I'm experimenting using your Sensha Architect, however that documents/samples that you have are all based on manual programming and not on the Architect. I find it hard to follow...
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