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  1. Any update on this please?
  2. This issue is there in all versions of GXT.

    The below code from GridView should use instead of as the record (r) will not contain data with key when ColumnConfig.setDataIndex() is...
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    In case if anyone what's to add style sheets to HtmlEditor... here is the code...

    new HtmlEditor(){
    public void setRawValue(String value) {
  4. Thanks.

    In the above example just add a empty model to the store and none of the filters work.

    store.add(new Stock());

  6. Ok. Looks like this got introduced in the trunk after the 2.1 release. I'm able to reproduce this with trunk revision 1817.

  7. Trigger icon for DateField & ComboBox gets aligned to the layout top when placed within TableLayout or FlexTable. Please see the attached screen shot.

    public void onModuleLoad() {
  8. I think this is a regression. It was working fine until 2.0.2

    As per the java doc of CheckBox

    * Single checkbox field. Unlike other fields, checkbox fires change events when
    * the radios...
  9. I'm having the same issue in revision 1750.

    Please let us know when will this be fixed in the SVN.

  10. I'm still having this issue even with the svn code. Please check the above code & screenshot.

  11. Another way to solve it is to make the loading Async ;)

    DeferredCommand.addCommand(new Command() {
    public void execute() {
  12. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for all your efforts. GXT rocks! :)

    GXT 2.0.1
    Hosted Mode

    The aggregation column on the table footer doesn't get hidden when setting the related columnconfig to hidden.

    Also, the...
  14. Great. Sorry I didn't find that bug when did a search on this form.

  15. GXT 1.2.2: In the below method modified.remove(model); has no effect as the modified contains the list of Records and not Models.

    * Remove a item from the store and fires the...
  16. There is an issue with submitting the form with even single radio group in 1.2.2. It used to work fine in 1.2.1. The value on the server is always coming as "on" in 1.2.2 irrespective of the radio...
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    You can achieve it by overriding preProcessValue() & postProcessValue() methods of CellEditor as shown below

    editor = new CellEditor(field) {
  18. Any update on this please?
  19. [GXT 1.2] BeforeDataChanged event on ListStore doesn't stop loading the data into the store even if we set event.doit=false.

    store.addStoreListener(new StoreListener<ModelData>() {
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