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  1. Hi all,

    When using the 'gridviewdragdrop' plugin to implement drag and drop reorder function for a grid panel, while draging a record, a message with a icon(i.e, '1 selected row') displayed. I...
  2. Right. This works in console. But when displayed in web page, it still shown as 33.3. The extention posted in the third floor can solve this issue! Maybe this is a bug of ExtJS4.
  3. Hmm.. this method still not go. Thanks all the same Scott.
  4. Thanks vietits! It works pretty well! Very helpful post! Thanks again! : )
  5. Hi all,

    I figured out that in ExtJS4, we the trailing zeros of Ext.form.field.Number are automatically cut off even if I extend the class to as follows:

  6. Hi all,

    I got a question that while using 'checkboxmodel', and when we click on the select all checkbox in the top of the grid, the current action is selecting all the records displayed in the...
  7. ok, thanks very much !
  8. hey guys,

    I figure out that when using the cellediting plugin with grid panel, afther we edit a cell, the value of that cell will update immediately. But this only happen on the original cells of...
  9. Hey guys,

    I am wondering that is it possible to allow cell editing with the selModel setted as:

    selModel:{ mode: 'SIMPLE' }

    Since I am going to design a grid that only have to edit the...
  10. okok.. To put it simply, the task is to show a treegird with dynamic child nodes loading. and now I have known how to load data dynamiclly, but I don't know how to add the data to the store...
  11. My god ! u r genius ! it works ! 3qqqqqqqqqqq..
    and now I have a new problem.. I can get the right children data of the node I clicked, but the store not add them to it but update its data.. so when...
  12. that's right! but i found that is not the problem.. look at this:

    //the url of the store now is :<%=tbCode%>&pidCode=parent&pid=-1'
  13. enenen.. thanks for your attention first mama..
    this project is about a database management system, coding with java, one part of the project must to show a treegrid, the code of the jsp file:

  14. hello all, I am new to Ext, and I am doing a project which use it..
    I have a problem now, it is I don't know how to dynamic loading child nodes?
    Can you give me a example ?
    thanks all ! :">
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