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  1. Great Feature. On which extjs version can this be used ? 4.07?
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    Great, you added what was missing in the ext3 extension.
    I really like the the ms-word-enhanced-Tooltip-look-alike styling (demo 2 first button)
  3. Hi Tobias,

    I like your 4er tobiuroundTheme2, got something of neptune-theme and a littlebit facebook.
    You did that already with sass?

    Did you ever met the neptune-theme somwhere in ext4? Is...
  4. Ext.ux.tabs.StripTools are not supposed to replace a Toolbar, so adding Components is not supported at the Moment.
    In fact the myTabPanel.striptoolsPanel is a normal Panel and could use a normal...
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    Does anyone know why the toast window demo has a lighter color at the top of the window and the Notification has not. I am using Notification with Ext 3.2.
    Is this a Ext.Window property?

  6. >>>> For custom tags see the ext.xml file

    That's what I did. On Methods + Properties my custom-Tags are working fine. on class-level they don't.

    In the ~\template\ext\tpl\class.xsl there is...
  7. Hello,
    I am using a ext-doc-1.0-SNAPSHOT.

    1) Is there a way to get the custom Tags into the class descriptions?
    is ist already there and should work, or is NOT there and everybody (xept me)...
  8. Is there a way to do Package descriptions?

    1)In the Api on a package/folderNode Click, showing the Info somewhere in the WelcomeTab.
    But where to put the Comments?


    2) somehow...
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    Looks like the composite field is rendered in 3.1.1 if you copy the files there....
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    >>> All of our unit tests are currently using YUI test
    >>> unless you write your own test harness

    Does that mean something like wrapping

    Ext.test.session.addTest( 'Ext', {....
  11. If you dont want to have your Tabs in a Window put them in a panel.
    That will work.

    RenderTo document.body has this top-right-bug.
    Strangely, when you resize your browser to something like the...
  12. tabpanel toolscopes: triggering the visibility of the tools

    1) DEFAULT toolscope: null
    tabchange switches all tools with toolscope '*' ON, all others OFF...
  13. We enjoyed your InlineToolbar in ext 2.2.
    After upgrading to 3.1.1. we made a simpler plugin with default PanelTools only:

  14. If you want to have some default Panel-Tools on your TabPanel-Strip, heres the Plugin to do it.
    Tabpanels can have toolscopes for triggering the visibility of the tools.
    Tested with ext 3.0 +...
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