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    Hi, after load my application, sometimes (maybe 30%) the checkbox can not displayed, i check the html source, and found the checkbox width is 0px. But there are 70% chance,
    the checkbox display...

    I found the solution in above link, hope this will be helpful for someone else.
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    Ethraza, thanks a lot for your plugin, it is really helpful!

    The only one line i changed is:

    onSelect : function(record, index){
    if(this.fireEvent('beforeselect', this, record,...
  4. Hi, I have a combobox in my form and it is not a required field.

    { name:"language",
    triggerAction: 'all',
  5. Hi BitPoet, thanks a lot for your reply.

    For your updated code, now I have to click the checkbox, then the row is checked(selected). If i click other area in this row, the row is not selected.
  6. Could anyone help? thanks a lot!
  7. Thanks a lot. Finally have the time to work on this issue and your code is very helpful and works in our app.

    I have one more question:
    Now, when I click one row in the gird, the checkbox is...
  8. Can anyone help? thanks a lot!
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    Hi, I am creating a tabpanel, before the tabpanel is shown, i would like to call the doLayout() function of this tabpanel, but it seems the beforeshow event is not working at all, could anyone...
  10. Hi, I am new to the gird, I just add a checkbox column to my grid, after user checks some of the checkbox, how can I get selected records in the gird? thanks a lot!

    var gridCB = new...
  11. Thanks a lot, I am not asking how to send valueField with a hiddenName of a combobox.

    My problem is when I bind a grid to a form, combobox inside of the form get a Displayvalue,
    and this...
  12. Hi, I have a problem for combobox.
    I have a combobox, which get data from a JSON store: languageStore,
    1) this JSON store has [id, language] fields, my combo displays "language" and submit "id"...
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    Thanks. I have not used Viewport before, could you please give more details?

    My layout:

    div (formContainer)
    | | ...
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    It is great to find this plug in, I am trying to use it.

    In my application, I put a tabpanel into a div (fromContainer), I develop on 1280x1024 screen resolution, everything looks fine.

  15. Hi I have a grid with CheckboxSelectionModel, when I select the checkbox, i can select multi checkbox, but when i click one row, all the selected checkbox are cleared, how can i prevent the row...
  16. I figure out that you can add the Form values to baseParams on beforeload event.

    For those who does not know Ext.apply, please see here:...
  17. Hi, I have a form which includes some searching filters(combo box) for my application. After submit the form, server returns JSON data and display these data in a paging grid (100 rows/page). I...
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    listeners: {

    blur: function () {

    if(this.getRawValue() == "" )


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    Combo box is so common used in form, nobody else has this problem?

    After user deletes the selection from the Combo, the combo display the default empty text, but when you submit the form, the...
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    When I delete the selection, I just delete the selected value from the combo (in user interface), do you mean I need to call setValue() function when user delete the combo selection from...
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    Hi I have a combobox including a list of countries, the empty text is "- Any",
    1) I select a country in the combox, submit the form, the countryID-A is submitted.
    2) I delete the selection from...
  22. Hi, I have set the title of a fieldset in a form, but I want to have larger font of the title, how can I change that? thank you!
  23. Thanks, width: 1000 is just a test, since my user has different screen resolution, i have changed the width style to 100%.

    <div id="formContainer" style="width:100%; height:100%">
  24. Thanks for the help! Then I add the defaults:{autoHeight: true,autoWidth: true}, to each fieldset, but then the width of textfield becomes fixed. No matter what anchor percentage i set, the width of...
  25. Hi, i have a tabpanel, there are two tabs inside. In tab 2, there is a textfield inside of a form, the textfield has anchor layout, when I first load the application, the width of the texfield is...
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