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  1. I inspect DOM on desktop it shows fixed width and height.
    But on device how I can check on orientation?
    whole code link
  2. I checked on monitor it shows fixed width and height.
    How we can inspect DOM on device?
    whole code link
  3. Hi,
    when I am showing tabpanel on button click. As I change orientation on device then the base panel get rendered properly, but the inner component (formpanel) does not set according to base panel....
  4. Hi,
    we are making full website using sencha touch 1.
    Is there any solution for access camera in sencha touch 1.
  5. Thank you for quick reply.
    I am creating website it will put on server and run on devices like ipad etc.
    In that I need access camera or photo gallery.
    Just like below website in that he can...
  6. I am making website using sencha touch1. I want to access device(like ipad) camera to take photo as well access photo gallery of device(like ipad). How i can access device(like ipad) camera or photo...
  7. yes,
    this is code:

    nestedlistdemo.treeList = function(config){

    Ext.apply(this, config, {
  8. I am creating nested list application in sencha touch 1 . In that i am adding data from json file.I have made on new button to create one node and add to list. it is successfully added node to that...
  9. parameter are corrects, we are taking response only true or false.
  10. we are using alert message box for server side response it gives success true on chrome (desktop), but success false on device like iphone , android.
    is there any problem in above mention code ...
  11. PHP code on the server
  12. We are sending request to server every 7 second.In that request we are sending fb id to server, server take this fb id check the online user send back response true otherwise it will send response...
  13. I am working on sencha touch web application in which I am sending request to server after every 7 seconds and I am getting response true if the request sends after every 7sec to the server. It is...
  14. Replies
    we want to call single function repeatedly as like setinerval in javascript. how we can do that?
    plz help me.
    thanks in advance
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