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  1. found a solution that is working for me:

    comp.on('afterLayout', function() {
    var scroller = grid.getVerticalScroller();
    if (scroller) {
  2. 9 columns and 1 image per row.
  3. Hi Gary,

    thanks for the quick response. I know that the grid was changed in later versions and i've tried to update to 4.1.3 but the app is full of errors afterwards, and the balance between the...
  4. Hello,

    i'm having a problem with my grid, when having 1000 Rows per page, with rows that include also images, when scrolling the grid to the end and the rows are not finished rendering, the...
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    i subscribe, nice job with the locale manager.
    one thing though, is it possible to apply it also to a selectfield?
  6. Hello,

    i am using sencha touch 2.0.1 and i need this online/offline detect in my app. The problem is that on Android doesn't always work, when I disable the wlan while navigating the app the...
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    First issue in text area would be the vertical scroll instead of horizontal navigation and second is that at the end of the visible area the text will break.
    Bigger issue is that if i use textarea...
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    I'm trying to customize a sencha touch textfield to react as usual fields on mobile devices by inputing long texts, to have the posibility to drag / select & scroll the entire content and...
  9. Hi pentool,

    you were close from what was really happening...Not my code is the problem, the problem is how the containers and views work in sencha. By extending the following example from...
  10. already tried that, not working...a lot of tryouts and still's a general problem in my entire app independent from view ...and i don't understand why by correctly/api-conform calling...
  11. Hello,

    i've tried with :

  12. found the problem: the grouped list has a background image and that was set after the list was built over setCls(). I've moved this in list config and now it works correctly.


    P.S. The...
  13. Hello,

    i am having the following problem by my lists:the header is not shown from the display of the list but only by draging on the list screen . By draging again to top it disappears again. I...
  14. @Farish - please read more carefully the topic before you respond to it. The Ext version, unique ids and code snippet are available.

    some other ideas?
  15. @Farish does it relate to tree node collapse? Just for tryout i test it, unfortunately brings nothing...
  16. @droessner - thank you for your reply but i think it's not the same case because i am using 4.0.7 and the referenced code from the thread you indicated is not available.

    any other ideas? thx
  17. I found some topics on this thema but nothing really helped me. Below my case.

    This happens when i try to replace the content of the tree with another.
    Old tree looks like this:

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    My question:

    Why does the disabled Textfield from 4.0 disables also the label when the 3.3 was doing very nicely only the field disabling? It was looking good, no uniform look problem when it...
  19. @MrSparks - do you happen to have some results in the meanwhile? Thanks! I'm also interested. We are also having big problems with the performance.
  20. any luck with solving this problem?
  21. Hi,

    as the title says, i don't understand why is the label also disabled. How can it be fixed. I found a possible fix:...
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    //collapsible: true,

    second code sample..
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    Hello again,

    no further ideas...hmm complicated... i changed the orignal example with the one below, maybe so it will bring some enlightenment why the center panel doesn't want to expand on the...
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    hi my friend,

    actually i want the center panel to be collapsible. What i want to achieve with the center Panel, is what is happening currently with the North Panel. I will update the example maybe...
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    giving the following code:

    Ext.create('Ext.container.Viewport', {
    layout: 'border',
    items: [{
    region: 'north',
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