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  1. The widget looks great, too bad it doesn't work in Opera
  2. I'm having the exact same issue, please consider fixing it in the next release :)
    I found out that the value for the height passed to the htmleditor's onResize event is completely wrong, even if I...
  3. You can solve it without subclassing, by using the tabpanel's beforeremove event. This is how I did it:

    function removeTabEvent(tabpanel, tab) {{
  4. Thanks for the workaround! :D

    Please post this as a bug, so it can be fixed in the next version:
  5. The autoEncode option works as long as you don't send your data to the server on the afteredit event, which I'm guessing it is triggered before the encoding.
  6. Calling updateAllColumnWidths() doesn't work, instead do this:

  7. Thanks for the solution Hani, I think many people in this thread haven't understood the problem quite well.

    This issue doesn't even have to do with server-side escaping at all, just try entering...
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    Where's collapseMode defined?, I've looked it up in the docs and couldn't find it.
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