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    Sorry guys,this question is closed.
    It was problem of the chrome debugger.
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    Hello guys,
    I have a problem with Ext.Editor
    I want to active\focus it programmically e.g. I need to put cursor in it and be able to write text in it.
    Here is an example code that does not work:
  3. I think i've found the solution:
    first of all we need to define a new editing plugin based on CellEditing and redefine it's getEditor method:

  4. I think this is it. Thanks.
    But what IF I have 2 stores, one with JSON Proxy, and one with XML Proxy. and the server is configured to sent differect responses according to client's Accept header
  5. No, it will not help, because I'm accessing editable field from cellEditor, and it has no method or property named set(field,value).
    in cellEditor i have only setValue and setRawValue method but...
  6. Hello, guys,
    How can I change the default HTTP header - "Accept" when requesting data into the store (with AJAX proxy ) from
    "Accept: */*" to "Accept: application/json" for example.
  7. Let's sey that I have a model that looks like this:

    {name: 'article',type:'string'},
    {name: 'brand',type:'string'},
    {name: 'name', type:'string'},
  8. Hello guys,
    I've created a custom field editor by extending "Ext.form.field.picker", it works fine by changing record value with setValue method. But I need to have access to record whole record
  9. Anyone has any idea?
    So far I've thought of somethng like redefining the Ext.Application method getModuleClassName with something like this:

    getModuleClassName: function(name, type) {
  10. Hello guys,
    I was wandering if there is any way to modify the default behavior of class loading in MVC appliation.
    For example I have an application with many controllers (models and stores). They...
  11. I think? i've got it.
    in parent store i've defined a proxy. Then, when i've created a first descendant, it populated it's model 'order' to proxy, then when creating second descendand with other...
  12. Hello, I'm stuck with this kind of problem:
    I have a parent store with 2 descendant stores and corresponding models:
    Parent Store

  13. Hello world,
    Heve is what i want to do:
    I have a base class ( for example) with some custom parameters:

    extraParams: {

    I want to write a...
  14. grid.editingPlugin.activeColumn == null - doest just a trick
  15. Hello,
    I have a grid with selectedCell, how can I figure is the selected cell is in editable state or not.
    I thought that Ext.Selection.CellModel has something like isEditing method but I could not...
  16. For now I can only post some video. And later I'l try to post code.

    Comments for video:
    For the first time it works correct (cursor automatically appears...
  17. What do you suggest than ?
    I psot some movie so you could see what is happening if it helps
  18. Hello Sencha,
    I have this kind of problem:
    I've implemented a custom cell editor that popups another grid.
    When I try to sort/filter/hide/show column in that grid using column menu it collapses...
  19. I have a dictionary 'CLIENTS 'with 2 fields (CLIENT_NAME,CLIENT_ID).
    and many DOCUMENTS with structure (DOCID,CLIENT_ID,SUM)
    when displaying DOCUMENT in PropertyGrid I need to display a CLIENT_ID...
  20. Hello,
    I have this kind of problem:
    I have a propertyGrid with field called "client", where client NAME is stored, I've implemented a custom editor that let's me choose client from dictionary now I...
  21. Sorry it was my mistake, I've forgot to add 'links' model to controller
  22. Hellow world :)
    Here is my problem:
    I have a model 'document' with associated (hasmany) models 'docheader' and 'docbody'.
    Thay worked fine for a while but than I've added another model 'links'...
  23. Count me in,
    I'm looking forward for this feature to be included in ExtJS
  24. The solution is simple:
    I've forgotten that ExtJS is an asynchronous ramework, so i've appended the nodes that were empty and that time
    A solution for my code is to replace:
  25. The problem occurs in updateIndexes
    The records[i] is undefined because:

    var ns = this.all.elements, records =,

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