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  1. The Toolbar doc lists the add and insert method as defined in the Toolbar class, but they are defined in the Container class.

    The Toolbar class doesn't add any new public methods.

    In addition,...
  2. OK looks like this previous answer is going to work.
  3. This used to work in older releases, but in the newer releases it's not possible to config combo's typeAhead when editable is false. What would be the simplest way to work around this restriction? ...
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    Looks like this mapping is now available in Ext JS 6.

  5. I'll bump this report. I'm 99% certain this is a defect.
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    After seeing this tweet, I'm beginning to wonder if Google is even able to hire qualified JavaScript developers.... Apparently they ignored an application of a well-known JS developer and an open...
  7. Let me link a related issue. The label renderer needs to handle undefined values, not just zeros.
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    Does it matter that the folder name is overrides (plural), but the namespace is override?

  9. This is a doc issue.

    The Panel.removeBodyCls method can remove an array of classes in a single call, but the doc only lists String as an allowed parameter.

    The Panel.addBodyCls method also...
  10. I'd like to point out that the charting package makes (in at least one place) an incorrect assumption about the Ext.Object.equals method.

    Ext.define('Ext.chart.series.Series', {
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    This doesn't exactly shake my confidence in the framework, but here's my own list of inconsistencies:;)


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    You can dynamically load scripts by calling the Loader.loadScript method.
  13. Ext JS Guide - Identifying Memory Leaks
  14. I don't see any problem provided that you and your friends incorporate yourself.

    This will increase your cost by the additional cost of setting up a corporation (a few hundred dollars), but it...
  15. Why the class config machinery doesn't do this for me?

    All configs should be null'd when the instance is destroyed.

    Ext.define('Test', {
    config: {
    msg: {text: 'Hi there!'}
  16. Good point!
  17. "A memory leak appears when a resource that’s no longer used by any part of your application still occupies memory which will never be released."

    I believe it's not enough to destroy the...
  18. I don't see that this is fixed using the 20151108 build.
  19. Why is the KeyboardInteractive mixin used in both Component and Button classes?

    Since Button extends Component, is there a need to duplicate this mixin?

    Ext.define('Ext.Component', {
  20. Only the charting package uses the Ext.Object.equals method, and I'm pretty sure the assumption is there's a deep comparison between objects as in this code fragment.

  21. Ext.Object.equals does a shallow comparison. I'm looking for an Ext JS method that does a deep comparison. Is it possible?

    var stooge = {name: 'moe', luckyNumbers: [13, 27, 34]};
    var clone =...
  22. The description should be:

    If omitted, defaults to the window object.

    function test() {
    console.log(this === window); // true
    var fn = Ext.Function.createBuffered(test, 100);
  23. I don't think this is a problem with Ext JS... do you have any Firefox add-ons that could be causing the issue?
  24. What version of Firefox are you using? Does it happen only on one computer? If so, try to delete the profile.
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    Call initConfig in the constructor.




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