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  1. I saw the last version 5.x but I don't plan to migrate currently because I have to much stuff.

    But it's weird that from the same web app (one launched from safari, the other launched directly...
  2. Hi!

    I built a web application with ExtJS. 4.2
    From an iPad :
    When I have a panel with a height higher than its container I can scroll directly the panel with my finger.
    If I create a shortcut...
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    For the upload :
    I'll have a look to phonegap for the upload component.
    However, if I go on a web site that permits uploading, if I click on the upload standard html button from my mobile,...
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    Thanks Mitchell.

    You think it will not possible to upload a file even if the app is installed on iOs ?
    When I download a file I want to save the content into the local storage.
    Currently I can...
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    I'm developping a web application with Sencha 2.
    In this application, I need to download and upload files.
    These methods are provided by web services of my server.
    1 - I didn't see a upload...
  6. Hi!

    I'm developping a mobile web application with Architect 2.0
    It's a wonderfull tool for that.

    I wonder how it is possible to allow downloading and uploading files in Sencha Touch 2.0 from...
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