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  1. Great..:)
  2. You can try doing it on the chart's render event.

    chartRender : function (chart){
    var lineSeries = chart.series.get(0);
    lineSeries.listeners = {
  3. Hi Igor,

    Have you tried setting the rootVisible : true of the tree view?

    Premkumar. A
  4. Hi Prabu,

    We don't have a direct way to do this. So we have to do a work around. I have achieved similar thing for my bar and line chart. What I have managed to do is to handle the...
  5. :) Welcome
  6. //endAngle = angle - me.accuracy * value / totalField;

    endAngle = angle + me.accuracy * value / totalField;

    Please find the above code in drawSeries function. Change the negative sign to...
  7. Glad I could help..:)
  8. You may add the search filter component to the tools config of grid. It will be added to the header. Or you can add it in the tbar. Which will be shown below the header in a separate toolbar.
  9. Use Ext.util.Format class to convert the value and display in currency format.!/api/Ext.util.Format

    See the above link for documentation. You will find a...
  10. You are welcome..:)
  11. Hi Prabu,

    I was trying the same thing. Regarding to change the starting point of the Pie, You have to override the 'drawSeries()' function of pie series. Here I give you a snippet that might help...
  12. No Gary, Still the issue exists. What I mean as issue is, when I click and drag the first panel i.e the 'Drag Source - 1' , the adjacent panel (Drag Source - 2) goes to the second row. I don't want...
  13. Hello,

    I am trying to drag and drop panels inside a container. The container has column layout. While dragging a panel, all other panels changes its position temporarily. After I drop the...
  14. Hello,

    I have a radiogroup and I am handling its the change event for form load. I need to get confirmation from the user to whether load the form or not. So I have included a and...
  15. Hello,

    I am working with combbox for a while now. Initially when a combo is rendered, it shows nothing. Data associated with the combo can be seen only when the drop down is expanded. But I...
  16. Try using ext-all.js in you html file. this might help.

  17. Hi,

    If you use MVC pattern, then why can't you create a instance of controller and call the function?

    like this in you view:

    var control =...
  18. Hi,
    What is the tool you are working with to create the project? What is your ExtJS version? Please give more details so that the problem could be solved soon.

  19. Replies

    I developed a similar dashboard thing just like what the link shows. I referred the Portal Demo example of Sencha site. Take a look at it. You may also get hold of the source code from github....
  20. I'll show you the threads, where this topic has been already discussed in detail.
  21. Hi Lewis,

    At first I was also searching for Sencha plugin to Eclipse. But later I dropped the attempt and started working by including the unpacked sdk folder to my web application's WebContent...
  22. Hi,

    Try configuring the proxy for each model other than in the store. It might work. Once I made it work that way. And to configure the association, its better to follow the below link.
  23. Even though it is possible, it is not recommended. Any way here is the example you asked for.

    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />...
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    Here you will find the informations you need.

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    If its within my knowledge, sure you can count on me. ;)
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