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  1. I was able to add a button to a composite field:

    this.alertLink = new Ext.form.TextField({
    name: 'alert_link_fake',
    hideLabel: true,
    emptyText: "e.g.,",...
  2. Try:

    xtype: "grid",
    layout: "fit"

    I haven't done much work with grids lately, but I think that might work.
  3. new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    items: [
    xtype: "container",
    xtype: "combo"
  4. Actually, it has to do with calling setValues() on the form on render and nothing to do with the actual layout.

    the form's render listener does this:

    var form = this.getForm();...
  5. Why not use a table layout?

    var table = new Ext.Container({
    layout: "table",
    layoutConfig: {
    columns: 3
    items: [
  6. In the past, I've ran into this when the heights or widths were negative numbers. FF will not error, but IE will.
  7. Fixed... Problem was setting the value of fields that weren't rendered yet... Nothing to do with the CompositeField.

    I've used CompositeField successfully in the past but am having problems with...
  8. Weird, yeah must have been. Hmm. Thanks for the response Re: trackLabels. Works like a champ!
  9. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.1.1

    Adapter used:

  10. You'll basically define objects in the js file, but render them somewhere else.

    //Something like this would be in one js file:

    YourObj = {
    getpanel: function() {
    var panel = new...
  11. If you use a button, it would probably be easiest to use the scrollIntoView function.

    //add this to the end of your items list
    var anchor = new Ext.Component({
    autoEl: {
    tag: "a",
  12. Hey, so I have some form fields that are set to hidden:true but when they're rendered only the input is hidden but the label is still visible. This has happened with a TextField and with a ComboBox....
  13. Found a problem calling hide(). It would only hide the input box. May have already been addressed, but I added these overrides:

    hide: function() {
    var ct = this.el.up('.x-form-item');...
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    Hey, not sure if this belongs here, but I'm having trouble creating a non-blocking image request. If I use Ext.Ajax.request(...) I get the image back as text so if there's a way to make that work,...
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    If you don't need to submit it, why not use 'disabled: true'?

    name: "blah",
    value: "neato",
    disabled: "true"
  16. I've never had a problem when the files and onReady call are as follows:

    <script ...></script>
    <script ...></script>
    <script ...></script>
    <style... />
  17. Just changed "totalRecords" to "totalProperty" and it worked.

    url: '/messenger_svc/messenger_svc_ajax.asp?l=delivery_report&p=' + gMsgId,
  18. Try 'return true' at the end of your before show function.
  19. Any love on this issue? Still can't figure out what's going on.
  20. I've re-worked it a little but with the same result:

    var storeDR = new{
    url: '/messenger_svc/messenger_svc_ajax.asp?l=delivery_report&p=' + gMsgId,
  21. Should this be filed as a bug or have things changed in 3.1?
  22. I am having a similar problem. This worked in <Ext3.1. The id and totalRecords are being set as the string literal and not getting the attribute values from the XML. Any ideas?

    Here is my...
  23. I have a color palette with a 'select' listener that's firing when the component is rendered when I specify a value. If I specify no value the select event is not fired. Is this expected behavior?...
  24. So, I remember seeing somewhere that someone wrote an override that adds a class to every Ext element but I've been looking for it for a while and can't find it. That would probably be the easiest...
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    It's actually better in some respects as you're able to set breakpoints and step through javascript code in IE8.
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