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  1. not my example; I'm getting this error with nested vbox/hbox sets that have some form elements and some templates. The example I see looks less nested than the code I'm working with. If I can, I'll...
  2. still present in 4.1.1 (and an absolutely critical bug)
  3. We should re-classify as a documentation bug, then. resizedrag says "Fires during resizing. Return false to cancel resize."
  4. No, I don't think I did. Not the use-case I was going after; I needed to cancel (or, really, to intercept control of) a resize when the object hit a particular boundary.
  5. ISSUE: After applying a listener to the resize and/or resizedrag events, returning false will not cancel the resize.

    The source code appears to be lacking any implementation for handling the...
  6. Ah. That isn't a toolbar, it's a TabPanel with a config to put the tabs at the bottom. If you look at the source in the KitchenSink->Icons example, you'll see that the top is a docked toolbar, but...
  7. Having a toolbar with a title is a bit unconventional. This would probably work if you dock a panel with a title, and then have that panel's only item be your toolbar (no title on the toolbar).
  8. You're talking about Ext Designer.
  9. I second that this issue needs attention. I've been trying to get XML data to work, only to find that it's not possible right now (eloquently described by the poster). This should at least be on...
  10. So we now need to remove two levels (../../) from every ref? What about things that did not have that many levels? A lot of my 3.0.x code is not working in 3.1, and this adjustment does not fix it.
  11. I wanted to have my rows numbered (using Ext.grid.RowNumberer), and I wanted to have the numbering of the rows remain in place even after dragging the rows around. The RowNumberer needs the store to...
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    I've had some issues getting the timing of shadows to work, but, basically, if you add a listener to your menu object for the "show" event, you can add a slide in animation. You can also, of course,...
  13. Hey Rich,

    That worked, thanks! I'm not sure I fully understand *why* it worked, but that's a much less urgent problem. Thank you!
  14. Hi,

    I'm having some issues with adjusting the padding parameters for my Ext.tree.TreePanel's dropNode, at least, in some situations.

    What I have now for this tree is (abbreviated/redacted)...
  15. Hey there,

    I am using Ext.ux.Tree.DataStoreBacking. I've added the following lines to the file to add support for filtered data stores:

    within init, added'datachanged',...
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