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    But that would reload the data from the server at each new page, and then filter the store to show only the elements of the current page when the Ajax call returns the data.
    Is there a simple way to...
  2. Hi,

    I have the same problem with ExtJs 4.1.1a, the store.load() creates an OPTIONS request instead of a GET in Firefox (works fine in IE/Chrome though, sending a GET).
    How can I tell ExtJS to...
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    There are many examples and many different solutions, using PagingMemory or others, but none of them provide a simple solution to a simple problem: local paging of remote data.

    Can someone...
  4. Firefox, Opera and Chrome display fine.
    IE8 does not, and I cannot install IE9 on Windows XP.

    I looked at the HTML generated, and IE8 seems to show that "picture not found icon" of size 28x30...
  5. Hi,

    On IE8, some ugly images are shown after the text in the column headers menu:

    In Chrome it shows fine.
    Could you tell me how to fix it?

    I use a very simple HTML definition:
  6. Thanks slemmon,
    It seems to do the job indeed, thanks!
    But I still need to post-process the received data with a listener on the 'load' to populate the options in the column.

    A good improvement...
  7. Hi,

    I have a grid, and local filters to it.
    I would like to change one of my basic string filter to a list, and populate the list from the unique list of strings in that column rather than a...
  8. sudo apt-get install ruby-compass
  9. OK, thanks for your detailed explanation.
    I don't really mind having it enabled.

    Just a quick recommendation then: include compass along with Sencha Cmd so we don't have to install a full...
  10. Well I follow an uncommon process...

    I have an application created first with Sencha Architect 2.1, then updated manually when my trial expired.
    This code is supposed to work with Sencha SDK...
  11. Hi,

    When building the application with Sencha Cmd, the generated code is re-encoded in ANSI and UTF8 characters do not display correctly.

    My tab, dev version (OK):

    My tabs,...
  12. Worked!
    Thanks for your help.
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    Thanks for your help.
  14. That's the problem, I did not make any custom modification to the SDK file tree.
    That's based on the self-generated code from sencha cmd (I am just testing it before moving to it).

    Steps to...
  15. Sencha Cmd
    Sencha Touch 2.1.0rc2

    Right after generating an app, move to that app folder and type "sencha compile concatenate"
    ==> [ERROR] Failed to find file for...
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    Sencha Cmd
    Sencha Touch 2.1.0-rc2


    1. In touch-sdk folder, create a new project using the Sencha Cmd:
    sencha generate app -p my/path
    2. Host the generated code on your web...
  17. Sencha Cmd

    >sencha ant production build
    Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.230
    [INFO ]
    [INFO ] production:
    [INFO ]
    [INFO ]
  18. Hi,

    I just wrote a few lines about my first experience with Sencha Touch, which is quite positive:

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    However, on Ubuntu x64, I get the following error:

    $ sencha
    execvp(): No such file or directory
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    Indeed, worked when packaging with PhoneGap instead of using the sencha command-line.

    Altough I'd like the sencha command-line to be working to create the jsb3 file...
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    Not being able to run it neither on Windows nor on a Mac VM, I'm looking forward to seeing it on Linux!
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    Use an iframe for that.
    But that's a different problem, maybe you should open a new topic, or look for answers on the forum, as there might be answers already.
  23. Simple enough, thanks!
  24. Hi,

    Is there a way to define the default selection of a Ext.field.Select?

    Taking the example from the docs:

    Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    fullscreen: true,
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    Not sure if it's related, but I found out that I have multiple instances of the localStorage:


    Only the last one (at the bottom) contains the data.
    The other ones are empty, like the...
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