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    any movement on this? Q2 / 2013 is around the corner..... has the fix been officially released?
  2. 1. went to this url on android phone:
    2. After it loads and address bar hides, app goes fullscreen, then when I scroll by dragging with finger, the...
  3. Anyone know how to issue a command which will either go element by element and redraw everything starting from the DOM, or recursively re-render all extjs components?

    Possibly a method similar to...
  4. This is a very intermittent bug, so really hard to track down/fix because it can
    be rarely duplicated. But just in case someone has heard of this...

    Im rendering a viewport with a tree and grid...
  5. I could've sworn this worked for me before.

    I have a tree with some nodes. One of the nodes has an ID of 'myFolderID1'.

    var node = myTree.getNodeById('myFolderID1') // this works...
  6. thanks i'll try it out.
    on a forum post regarding ensureVisible() in the Grid, users complained it didnt work with FF. i'll test it though.
  7. I have a long tree which creates scrollbars in the treepanel.

    I want to be able to select a node and scroll to it (if needed).
    Im using this code to select a node... but im not sure how to...
  8. OK, i figured it out... in case anyone is interested:

    I couldnt get it to work - to pass along mousedn/up events to the row because I dont really know the inner workings of the dragdrop stuff of...
  9. ok heres alternative that could work:

  10. In a tree, you can get the node element and go .highlight().
    But how do you do it in a grid row?

    when you do grid.selModel.getSelected() it returns a record, not the row.
  11. Oh wait, i see UIProvider property in TreeNode. maybe thats it...
  12. Didnt find "renderer" in the api pertaining to tree nodes.
    Im trying to have a render function process the tree nodes to display
    how many subfolders are in each folder.

    for example:

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    Im interested in your dragging code... can you post some source if you get a chance? thx

    I know you guys are just trying to help, but your not offering a solution just criticisms that lead to more questions. Can someone spend...
  15. Dragging initiates from all cells in the row, but does not initiate from the <A> href Link in the row. I need to somehow use the onmousedown onmouseups of the <A> link and pass them along to the row.
  16. Because I need it to do 2 different things. Clicking the row selects it,
    while clicking the name opens it. When I say open, basically do some specialized processing on that item in another frame....
  17. Animal, did you read post #6?
    Im already using cell click event.
    I want 2 events to occure.
    a cell click when the row is clicked...
    and a clickevent when the actual text value of one of the cells...
  18. When you see the project as a whole, the grid is what makes sense.
    Anyways, the issue is not - should i do it another way, its - how do i make this work... :)

    Having one object that is...
  19. Imagine a grid as a file explorer.
    You click the grid row/cell to select it,
    you click the name of the file to open it.
    you double click the name to rename it.

    how else would you do it?
  20. This question was posted here, but there was no exact technical response.

    I have a grid, with draggable rows to a tree.
    The grid has a...
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    did you ever get it working? I have this same problem right now...
    any ideas?

    What is the exact code to be used on the html href link tag to pass along the
    mouse events to the...
  22. When I add an node to my tree, then double the node it to edit its text, that works..
    but if i add a node to the tree and invoke the editor immediately through code, i get this error:
  23. I think im retarded. What am i doing wrong here?:

    ApplicationMessenger = function(){
    return Ext.apply(new Ext.util.Observable (), {
    myFunction: function() {
  24. thanks.
    ok so in an app with a bunch of nested panels...
    i could do it this way:

    // --- make a global messenger
    gMessenger=function(){this.addEvents();} //not sure why this only works if...
  25. 3 Questions:

    1. If i have a bunch of nested tabs/panels/components and I want to select one deep in the hierarchy, is there a way to find it by name or id? instead of ...
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