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  1. Hello,
    I've got a grid like this:

    var grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
    loadMask: true,
    renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
  2. Is there an event or another indicator to detect render errors like this?
  3. Yes, it's not something within the app, just the browser window (ie9).
  4. In a section of a view port I'm having two panels; above a tree and below a image. While loading the first time, the image panel below is not visible. If the user expand an item on the tree and...
  5. I have a tree with an ajax store like this:

    var tree = Ext.create('Ext.tree.Panel', {
    model: 'TreeModel',
    store: store,
    with this store and...
  6. Hello,
    sometimes my grid lost its data when I'm switch the browser window and go back to the grid window. The grid loads and shows the data normal, but from time to time the grid is empty after...
  7. Hello, I've got an error by using the RowExpander (ExtJS 4.1.1). With the following code I get an error:

    * Supports namespace rewriting
    * @private
  8. Hello,

    I've tested a little bit with the new beta of 4.2 and I prompt have an error in my grid:
    I use the same code like the example from the docs. But in my grid I get an error by calling this:...
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    I've test it with 4.2. beta - the errors are still there.

    For the broken layout I think there is a problem with the group header. I used the following code to get the text of the group:

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    I've got a tooltip like the example from the docs:

    var view = grid.getView();
    var tip = Ext.create('Ext.tip.ToolTip', {
    // The overall target element.
    target: view.el,
    // Each...
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    Now I test it with 4.1.3 (Build date: 2012-10-25 15:13:53) and the errors are the same. Have you any idea?
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    I'm using 4.1.0 (Build date: 2012-04-20 14:10:47) and tests it with 4.1.1a too, and the errors are the same.
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    I've got two problems by using locked columns.

    First: The layout is broken by grouping my data in the grid because the groupHeaderTpl is missing at the right side:


    Second: I'm using...
  14. Is fixed in 4.1.3.
  15. In my grid I'm using a grouped header like this:

    { text: arrMonths[0]["name"],
    id: 'monthCol0',
    sortable: false,
    groupable: false,
    columns: [{
    text: 'Quantity',
  16. Thanks for your reply. I'm using version 4.1 (Build date: 2012-04-20) yet and it doesn't work. Next time I'm changing to 4.1.2 and try it again.
  17. Hello, I want to clear the sorting in my store manually.


    reset the sort order in the store, but how I'm reseting the column header, so that it isn't marked...
  18. I've tried this: 'entityrelation\\.attribute', but its didn't work for me.
  19. Hello , I have to map an attribute withe the xml-node
    <entityrelation.attribute>value123</entityrelation.attribute> In my model I'm using this one:

    { name: 'myNestedAttribute', mapping:...
  20. Hello, I've got a problem in ExtJS 4.1: I'm using a AJAX proxy with a JSON reader, but the JSON result doesn't contains a total property. For the total number of records I'm using a function with a...
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